. Applying for new offers online

How to invest in new offers. Including:

  • Applying for New Offers
  • Viewing Offers on the Exchange
  • Wholesale Offers
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. Bidding on the exchange

How to bid on the exchange. Including:

  • Bidding on the Exchange
  • Updating your Bid Details
  • Negotiating with a Seller or another Bidder
  • After your Bid is Accepted
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. Listing (selling) units on the exchange

How to list (sell) units or shares on the exchange. Including:

  • Listing (Selling) Units on the Exchange
  • Updating your Listing Details
  • Negotiation with a Bidder
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. Investor portal guide

How to keep an eye on your investments via the investor portal. Including:

  • Viewing Messages
  • Viewing Documents
  • Viewing Performance Reports
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