Applying for new offers online

Submit application

Applying for New Offers

. Choose an Offer, ClickApply.

You've completed your due diligence and you're ready to apply for units.

. Specify your application details:
  • No. of Units/Shares — enter your desired amount
  • Application Account — To apply for an organisation (including Trusts and Joint Applications) choose from the drop-down menu (outlined in red in the image above). If an account is not listed, contact your Issuer or Syndex.
. ClickSubmit Application.

Confirm that you want to proceed with the application as specified.

. Monitor your email

In due course, you’ll receive an email confirming your application and the Issuer will be in touch with you shortly thereafter.

Viewing Offers on the Exchange

. Log in to your Investor Portal

Go to my.syndex.exchange or click the Login button in the top right of the Syndex.Exchange website.

. View the Exchange

on the Dashboard or Exchange page of your portal. Use the tabs along the top of the Exchange section to switch between the Primary (New Offer) and Secondary Markets.

. Issue at a Glance

Click on the name of an offer to see an overview of all the basic details and any official disclosure documents.

Wholesale Offers

. Viewing Wholesale Offers

Only offers meeting your investment criteria are shown on the exchange. To view and apply for wholesale offers you need a current wholesale certification for your personal account and any entity or joint account that is applying.

. Wholesale Certification

If you wish to apply for wholesale offers, you must have wholesale certification. Update or add certification for your personal account by clicking on the account menu (titled with your name) and select Certifications. Contact your issuer or Syndex to add certification for an entity.

. Add a Certification

On the Certifications page, you can self-certify for a Wholesale Investor Certificate or nominate an intermediary to certify you for an Eligible Investor Certificate. There are also links to the relevant legislation.

Wholesale certifications