Investor portal guide

List in exchange

Viewing Messages

. View a recent message

On your Dashboard (portal home page), click on a recent post from the list in the My Messages box on the right. The message will display in a popup.

. View all messages for a group

Click View All My Messages at the bottom of the My Messages box. Messages are sorted into groups related to issue, issuer, listings etc. Pick a group to display all related messages.

. Comment on a Message

Beneath every message is a comment box. Click in this box to type your comment. Click “Add Comment” when you are ready to submit your comment.

. Visibility of Comments

Any user who can view the message in their portal can see your comment. Additionally, the message poster, issue manager, and any users who have already commented on the post will be notified by email.

Viewing Documents

. Click on Docs

This link has the folder icon   and is located on the far right of the header alongside your account menu.

. Choose a category

All documents are sorted into categories related to issue, issuer, listings etc.

. Choose a document

to view or download. Each document will have a thumbnail image and a title to identify it.

. Open or Save the file

If the document does not open or download automatically, a popup or a yellow bar along the foot of the page may appear asking whether you want to open (and view) the file or save it to your computer.

Viewing Performance Reports

. Click on Performance

This link has a chart icon and is located in the header bar at the top of the page.

. Compare Scheme Metrics

For each issuer you are involved with, all schemes that they manage are listed here alongside a selection of key comparison metrics.

. Click the Name of an Issue

that you have existing investments in to display a rich report with graphical portrayals of monthly balance sheets and YTD profit and loss.