Listing (selling) units on the exchange

List in exchange

Listing (Selling) Units on the Exchange

. Ensure Account Verification

For Anti Money Laundering (AML) purposes, the account holding the units you wish to list must be Approved in the Syndex system. All related individuals (such as trustees or directors) must be identity verified.
Please contact either Syndex or your issuer if unsure.

. Select a Unit to List

from the Portfolio section of your portal. Click List in Exchange next to the investment you wish to list. You can list holdings in whole or in part, and if authorised, on behalf of any related accounts.

. Payment

If you have not already paid the annual NZ$60 fee to use the exchange, click Payment to go to the payment page.

. Specify your Listing Details

in the pop-up that appears by editing the following fields:

  • No. of Units/Shares — This number cannot be lower than the issue’s minimum lot.
  • Offer/Unit Price — Enter the price at which you wish to sell in either field; the other will automatically update.
  • Start and End Dates — how long the listing is on the exchange. You can update the end date after listing.
. List your Holding

You will receive a confirmation email and will be notified when there is a bid on your listing.

Updating your Listing Details

. View a Listing Details page

On the Dashboard or Listings page of your portal, select a Listing to manage and see all details and current bids.

. Listing End Date

In the Trading Details section on the right, the Listing End Date will have an [ Edit ] link next to it. Click this to update it. You will receive email confirmation.

. All Other Details

To update other details such as the offer price or quantity, you will need to withdraw and relist the listing

Negotiation with a Bidder

. View their Bid Message

Either click on their bid notification in the My Messages box to the right of your Dashboard. The message will display in a popup. Or Click View All My Messagesand pick the group related your listing to display all messages.

. Comment on the Message

Beneath every message is a comment box. Type your comment, and then click “Add Comment” to submit. You will be notified of any response to your comment via email.

Accepting a Bid

. Accept the Highest Bid

If you are satisfied with the highest bid, you may accept it by clicking on the button in the Listing’s details page.

. If a Bid Matches

your offer price, it will automatically be accepted and your listing will close. All other bids will be set to inactive.

After a Bid is Accepted

Once the scheme manager agrees to the transfer, all persons related to the buyer and seller accounts must agree to the transfer. The transfer of funds can then go ahead with the seller contacting the buyer. The entire process is executed online and via email, with Syndex’s support as needed.