November 12, 2019

How to: Become a wholesale investor

To invest in wholesale opportunities with Syndex, an investor is required to hold a current wholesale certificate.

To apply for a certificate an investor needs to first register with Syndex: Select 'Register here' in the menu.

Once you are registered, navigate to your profile and 'certifications'. Click the box to create a wholesale certificate.

Gaining a certificate is achieved through following the prompts and, in the case of eligible investor certification, selecting the appropriate financial products (equity, debt, derivatives and/or MIS) the investor is certifying for. In a fully automated process, the certificate application is sent to the verifying lawyer/advisor and duly updated on return. Certificates supersede outdated versions, but with easy access to recorded certificate history.

This online wholesale certification process is fully aligned with the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 and works for wholesale investors, in particular, eligible investors in achieving certified status in-line with clause 7 of part 1 of the act.

'How to': guides

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