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Transaction Size
NZD $5,000,000.00
Share Price
NZD $763.00
Minimum Investment
NZD $15,000.00
Issue Type
Venture Capital
Health Care

Calocurb Ltd ( calocurb.com and calocurb.co.nz) was founded in 2018. Its active ingredient Amarasate™ was developed by NZ’s largest Government owned research institute over 6 years and a $20m grant. 

Calocurb is a unique supplement it is: 

  •  A patented world first ‘Appetite Suppressant’ that utilises the ‘bitter break’ mechanism to suppress hunger 
  • It is clinically proven and published to reduce hunger by up to 80% and calorie intake by 18%
  • It does this by stimulating the natural release of GLP-1 and other appetite suppressing hormones ( CCK , PYY) . Calocurbs closest competitors are Semaglutide injectables such as Wegovy ( Novo Nordisk) which are taking the world by storm (currently sold out worldwide with sales of US $1.6B in 2021)
  • The formulation and delivery mechanism have a patent pending in NZ, Australia, US and Europe
  • It is 100% natural, with only 3 plant based ingredients – no chemicals of fillers i.e. no bloating 
  • No stimulants or caffeine i.e. no jitters or disturbed sleep 
  • No sugar, no calories 
  • Manufactured in the US 


Calocurb has sold over 65,000 units Direct to Consumer in NZ, Australia and the US to date. It also sells wholesale to Chemist Warehouse in New Zealand and began shipping to China in September.

It raised a small amount of capital last year to complete the 3rd human clinical (results currently being published) , secure available raw material/extract and refresh US assets. This larger capital raise is to provide scale and complete a weight loss clinical trial.

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Calocurb Limited

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