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Transaction Size
NZD $30,000,000.00
Share Price
NZD $1.00
Minimum Investment
NZD $100,000.00
Issue Type

New Zealand’s agricultural sector is a unique proposition. The sector has opportunities for capital providers who are seeking exposure to the emerging agricultural asset class from primary production land assets. Few countries are as well-placed as New Zealand to take advantage of this current global climate; and few locations in New Zealand are as well-staged as Southland. Southland combines low market entry points and unparalleled farmland with natural water supply, to create cost-efficient pasture-based production systems.

Compass has a well-established and respected presence in the region and in other areas of New Zealand and Australia. Having identified the potential of Southland’s agricultural sector some years ago, Compass’s robust risk mitigation strategy is focused on securing high quality assets operating at very good levels, located in a strong dairying area of Southland, to minimise the risk to any investor.

Compass combines experience and science with opportunity and passion.The company has extensive experience in the Agribusiness and Financial sectors of New Zealand and Australia.

With branches located in southern New Zealand in Gore (Southland), Dunedin and Queenstown (Otago), and in Australia (Melbourne and Hobart); Compas is committed to ensuring key personnel are in close proximity of assets, to provide hands-on support to farm management teams.

Compass provides a unique and tailored management strategy whereby agribusiness professionals manage and oversee the operation of the asset to champion best performance. This approach has grown the companies community presence within the service sector and the farming community. Growing this presence and goodwill in communities has already yielded benefits, which has led to expansion opportunities and access to off-market assets.

An Investor Flyer can be accessed by clicking the Documents tab. To be connected to the Manager, click the Register Interest button.

Compass Dairy Fund II - IM
February 23, 2023

Compass Agribusiness Management Ltd

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