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Transaction Size
NZD 16,000,000.00
Share Price
NZD 1.05
Minimum Investment
NZD 105,000.00
Issue Type

Deep Creek invites you to purchase partnership interests in this exciting next development phase. Our new capital raise is to purchase additional land at Lindis Peaks and the packhouse infrastructure required. This major step will see your involvement in one of New Zealand's largest cherry orchards under single ownership become a reality.


Deep Creek Fruits NZ LP (Deep Creek) has planted orchards that, at maturity, will mean it is a major New Zealand grower and exporter of quality cherries. It has entered into agreements to purchase 83 hectares of land located at Mt Pisa Road (Mt Pisa) and 36 hectares of land located at Deep Creek Road (Lindis Peaks). The orchard development at Mt Pisa and Lindis Peaks is well underway. Both agreements allowed Deep Creek to plant cherry orchards on the land and complete necessary works, such as irrigation, before the issue of title. Already, this is one of the largest cherry orchard developments in New Zealand. There has been excellent growth in the trees and harvesting will begin in December 2021.

The agreement with Lindis Peaks Farming gives Deep Creek an option to purchase either an additional 25 hectares or 45 hectares of land adjoining Lindis Peaks (Additional Lindis Land), subject to the amount raised under this Offer.  

The interests under the first capital raise were offered at $1 each. Since then, the development risk has reduced because a significant part of the development has been completed, and the trees are closer to maturity. So Deep Creek Fruit is offering Interests under this Offer at $1.05 each.

The Opportunity 

Deep Creek wishes to raise further capital under this Offer to enable it to establish a Packhouse for packing its fruit, and, if sufficient capital is raised, to acquire the Additional Lindis Land to grow the size of its business. 

Deep Creek’s points of difference

So why is this investment different from some other investments in cherry orchards? There are five reasons:

  1. The orchards will, at maturity, be one of the largest under single ownership in New Zealand. This gives Deep Creek the benefit of economies of scale and access to additional markets due to the volume and quality of fruit it will be able to export;
  2. Deep Creek has the industry knowledge and skill to consistently produce superior quality product for overseas markets. That intellectual property is combined with in house marketing skills and experience through Hortinvest;
  3. There is independent governance by experienced business people who understand large scale business models;
  4. The orchards will have a dedicated Packhouse, built and operated with the latest technology; enabling improved efficiency, quality, food safety and reducing the cost of production; and
  5. The locations and infrastructure of the orchards aim to reduce weather related risks.

Find the Information Memorandum under the documents tab and register interest for more information.

Deep Creek Fruits Information Memorandum
April 13, 2021

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