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Transaction Size
NZD 700,000.00
Share Price
Minimum Investment
NZD 20,000.00
Issue Type
Early Stage Capital

The opportunity exists for wholesale investors to express interest in Hunting HQ.

Hunting HQ is a unique SAAS marketplace that connects landowners with hunters in order to solve a variety of pain points for landowners, hunters, and other recreational users.


The Farmer

Rural property owners are constantly faced with the destruction of valuable land from unwanted wildlife, and limited time and resources with which to eradicate these pests. Farmers are reluctant to invite strangers to hunt on their properties due to increasing Health and Safety requirements and insurance concerns; growing evidence that some in society lack the care or personal responsibility required to look after their property or stock; and safety concerns with variable hunter skills levels and attitudes. In addition, landowners have to deal with hunters constantly approaching them for access, hunter management has become an issue.


Supporting key indicators can be found via;

  • The continued growth of properties since the launch in 2021, with interest from large land management groups.
  • Ongoing conversation and feedback from farmers through both digital and in-person channels such as the agricultural show day events throughout the year.

The Hunter

In New Zealand, we have over 160,000+ hunters who are looking for properties to hunt. Currently, hunters can access public land but cannot be assured of who else is hunting at that time or how often the area has been hunted. Hunters are looking for the opportunity to introduce their families and friends to the outdoor experience but want reassurance that will be safe for all involved.


Supporting key indicators can be found via;

  • Pre-launch hunter interest form launched Jan 2020, with over 2,500 submissions.
  • Ongoing conversation and feedback from hunters through both digital and in-person channels such as the agricultural show day events throughout the year.
  • The continued growth of digital marketing reach, including an average of 30+ new interested contacts recorded in our database per day, captured via multiple channels.
  • The continued growth of paying hunters since the launch in 2021, breaking 500 members in November 2021. A positive result, even with Covid restrictions.
  • The continued growth of new hunters through referrals, which currently sits at 34%.


The Solution


How does HuntingHQ benefit these two key groups?

With the needs of both Farmers and Hunters in mind, we created a unique online marketing platform, where Farmers can list their properties while maintaining complete control of their listing, and the hunters who request access. Hunters can view these properties, register, be fully vetted, and book any listing throughout New Zealand.


Farmers (Supply)

  • A way to manage pests/wildlife on their property.
  • A better way to manage hunters who would like access to their properties, moving away from hunters approaching them in person.
  • A platform that allows for the Health and Safety, hunter vetting and management and insurance concerns to be addressed.
  • An additional source of income.
  • Responsible hunters, who will respect their properties.


Hunters (Demand)

  • New hunting locations, opportunities, and experiences.
  • Locations that promote safe and secure hunting. Example: Knowing they are the only hunt party on the property.
  • A simplified way of accessing the properties, key information, and ability to book.
  • View properties by region, wildlife etc, and book via an online, user-friendly platform.
  • Somewhere safe to take family and friends, allowing for proper hunting and firearms education and experience.

Click Here to view our introduction video for farmers or Here for our introduction video for hunters.

For more information, check out the pitch Here or the investment fliers in the documents tab.

Select register interest to be put in touch with the Investment Manager, a dataroom of further information can be provided on request.

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May 27, 2022
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May 27, 2022

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