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Transaction Size
AUD $750,000.00
Share Price
Minimum Investment
AUD $25,000.00
Issue Type
Venture Capital

On behalf of the Founders, Second Sphere Partners is facilitating the Seed raise AUD $750,000 in iAM OMNI, a globally scalable SaaS asset, compliance and work order management platform that provides organizations with a cloud based infrastructure for end-to-end asset management.


Company Overview:


iAM OMNI leverages the intimate in-field experience and expertise of contractors to holistically map and manage on-site assets. In doing so, a top down management perspective is built from the bottom up. The platform provides a first-in-class view of assets in the field, from serial numbers, through to servicing requirements and live data on output and performance.


Key partnerships and optimized Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allows iAM OMNI to “plug in” to third party providers, allowing for a seamless view of assets across to the live data that vendors may provide to managers.


iAM OMNI has redefined on-site work productivity. Instead of a contractor coming onto site and having to “find” where a fuse box, wire, pipe, or any other asset resides, OMNI’s digital read out allows for instant locating to begin work. Contractors can then update any and all additional relevant information to ensure no one misses a beat. This can all be done by the Contractor through an intuitive mobile application.


With over 1,900 buildings and millions of discrete assets being managed through the iAM OMNI platform, the market adoption and value add of OMNI’s services are clear. The current small raise size is reflective of OMNI’s roadmap to deliver positive free cashflows in the near term.


Investment highlights:


  • Total Buildings Being Managed: 1,929
  • Total Properties Being Managed: 1,417
  • Total Projects: 7,476
  • Total Reportable Work Asset Failures: 3,351
  • Preventive and Compliance Maintenance: 18,349
  • Minimum investment AUD $25,000

For more information, please refer to the Investor flier in the documents tab. To be put in contact with the issuer click Register Interest

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November 3, 2022

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