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Transaction Size
NZD 30,000,000.00
Share Price
Minimum Investment
NZD 50,000.00
Issue Type
Early Stage Capital

Icehouse Ventures: Seed Fund III

Icehouse Ventures has been New Zealand’s most active early-stage investment firm since 2015. Syndex has partnered with Icehouse Ventures for the raise of their third flagship early-stage venture fund – Seed Fund III – giving our accredited wholesale investors the opportunity to gain access and exposure to a portfolio of NZ’s leading technology startups.

Introduction to Seed Fund III

Over the past five years dozens of New Zealand startups have grown into $100m - $1b+ businesses. Many have sold or IPO’d and a number are still operating privately, but no matter their journey all are contributing to creating the next generation of founders which is poised to be the largest, boldest and most experienced New Zealand has ever seen.

With over 288 startup investments since 2003, $250m funds under management and a team of 20, Icehouse Ventures has the time and scale based advantages to both discover and access many of the best early-stage venture opportunities which will present over the next several years.

Seed Fund III’s mandate is to invest in this next vintage of top founders.

Building on momentum & performance of earlier funds

Seed Fund III is led by the same team who established and executed Icehouse Ventures’ previous Pre-Seed and Seed Funds (formerly called Flux and Tuhua), which were among the first investors in standout companies including Mint Innovation, Dawn Aerospace, Halter, Sharesies and First AML. Seed Fund III will leverage the insights, resources and relationships formed through investing in these (and 280+ other startups).

Historical information on all prior funds can be found in the Seed Fund III investment materials linked below.

Investor experience

As with earlier funds, Icehouse Ventures offer investors an immersive experience including two-monthly fund reports, access to their custom built Investor Portal, invitations to marquee events like the NZ Investment Showcase 2022, and co-investment opportunities.

Key Details:

The information pack linked below contains more information on Seed Fund III, with key terms being:

·      $30m fund

·      Portfolio of up to 40 companies

·      $50k minimum drawn in equal tranches over four years

·      2% management fee p/a for the first five years only

·      20% carried interest over the preferred return hurdle

·      Preferred return hurdle: 5% compounding annually

·      Limited Partnership Structure

·      Open to wholesale investors only

Next steps

If you are interested to learning more, the full investor pack for Seed Fund III can be found here, and a video introducing the fund by Icehouse Ventures CEO, Robbie Paul, is here.

To be connected with the Icehouse Ventures team regarding a possible investment in Seed Fund III, click ‘Register Interest’ below.

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