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Transaction Size
NZD 10,000,000.00
Share Price
Minimum Investment
NZD 50,000.00
Issue Type
Early Stage Capital

Icehouse Ventures - New Zealand’s most active venture investment group - are raising a new venture stage, index-style fund called Icehouse 100 II (IV100).

IV100 leverages the power of Icehouse Ventures’ wider suite of actively managed funds and investor network, allowing it to passively co-invest in the next vintage of New Zealand’s top 100 start ups. The fund offers an unparalleled opportunity for investors to build out a diversified portfolio of early-stage, high growth companies, representing the most exciting deals in the market.


  • It’s easy to invest in early-stage venture, but extremely difficult to gain access to the best deals. Icehouse 100 Fund II co-invests with all of our actively managed funds and angels, securing access into New Zealand's most competitive early-stage deals (IV100 Fund I made early stage investments into top startups such as Sharesies, Tradify, Genoapay, Narrative, Halter, Joyous and Sunfed). 


  • Investors gain balanced, hedged exposure to the asset class through a portfolio of 100 early-stage companies. These companies are universal in their potential, while being diversified by industry, business model, customer profile, geographic focus, and stage.


  • Through a clear strategy of follow on investment, Icehouse 100 Fund II will concentrate its capital into the top performing companies. Ultimately, the top 15 performers will represent around 60% of the fund’s capital.


  • Investors are able to build out a deep understanding of the NZ early-stage ecosystem via regular, insightful reporting on all 100 companies by the Icehouse Ventures team. This is shared alongside all formal company shareholder updates, financial statements and other documents normally available to investors.

The minimum investment is NZD $50k, to be drawn over four years, offering an attractive entry level for investors who are interested in this asset class.

To access more information click onto the Documents tab and/or to register interest, click the button below and you will be connected with the arranger.

About Icehouse Ventures

Icehouse Ventures is New Zealand's most active early-stage investment group, comprising both investor networks and managed funds, having invested over $150m into over 210 startups since 2003.

IV100 II Introduction
November 17, 2020

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