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Transaction Size
NZD $4,500,000.00
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NZD $0.08
Minimum Investment
NZD $2,000.00
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Venture Capital
Health Care

Founded in 2016, Manuka Bioscience was established with the aim of growing the global awareness of East Cape mānuka oil in order to create a sustainable industry in the East Cape region of New Zealand. With a clear vision and steadfast strategic execution, Manuka Bioscience has grown from a single product company, selling their ManukaRx ointment online, to a global category leader in mānuka oil with multiple brands, a growing international customer base, a pipeline of botanical medicines undergoing clinical and consumer studies, a strong global IP position, and ownership of the largest mānuka oil supply in New Zealand and the world.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is recognized as one of the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s top 10 public health threats facing humanity. By 2050 AMR will cause over 10 million fatalities per year worldwide. As global awareness and concern over the continued rise of AMR infections grows, so too does the opportunity for new treatments that are not susceptible to AMR. Manuka Bioscience is developing products using mānuka oil, as candidates for the treatment of a variety of skin infections. Mānuka oil is antimicrobial and is likely to reduce the risk of antimicrobial resistance. As such it can be effectively used safely and powerfully to help a variety of skin conditions.

In a region where poverty is high and jobs are scarce, the mānuka oil industry is creating a sustainable industry in the East Cape region of New Zealand. Manuka Bioscience works with whenua Māori in New Zealand’s East Cape and Eastern Bay of Plenty to help increase the number of jobs in the region and develop its economy.

The capital raise will be used to:

Launch therapeutic products with global partners

  • Manuka Bioscience has developed the evidence base around the ECMT-154 ingredient for two distinct indications, namely eczema and impetigo (school sores). With ownership of supply, they are conducting clinical trials and building relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturing partners worldwide who have the ability to distribute, sell and market products with ECMT-154 globally.

Ongoing Research and Development

  • East Cape mānuka oil has broad-spectrum antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and wound-healing properties. These properties have been investigated by global research teams and documented in over 1,000 peer-reviewed publications over the last 25 years. Manuka Bioscience is leveraging this existing body of knowledge, developing a number of high-efficacy antibacterial and antiviral products that will not contribute to AMR. 

Grow global awareness of East Cape mānuka oil

  • Growing the global awareness of East Cape mānuka oil will not only increase the overall size of the addressable market, and support ongoing growth in demand, but it will create the opportunity for the growth of an industry with the potential to provide sustainable employment for rural communities on the East Cape.

Grow Consumer Brands

  • The ManukaRx brand has experienced strong growth since it was launched five years ago, and there is scope for further exponential global growth.

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Manuka Bioscience - Information Memorandum
November 11, 2022
MBS - Investment Flyer 11a Nov 22
November 11, 2022

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