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Transaction Size
NZD 3,500,000.00
Share Price
Minimum Investment
NZD 100,000.00
Issue Type

The opportunity exists for wholesale investors to express interest in New Talisman Gold Mines Limited

Convertible Debt Security Opportunity

New Talisman Gold Mines Limited (NTL, the Company) is a New Zealand based gold mining company currently listed on the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges under NZSX & ASX: NTL. NTL holds a mining permit over the Talisman Gold project located in the Hauraki Gold field.

Following a Board restructure in late 2021, NTL has approached Campbell MacPherson to seek eligible and wholesale investors in a private placement of a Convertible Debt Security to help fund a new strategic plan. We

are advised that a cornerstone NTL investor has already pledged NZ$1 million towards the Convertible Debt Security, and NTL is seeking a further NZ$2.5 million from Eligible Investors.

NTL is now seeking further funds in order to assist the Company implement and execute their Strategic Plan with key points as follows:

  • Recommencing underground activities at the mine, including developing the required Second Egress.
  • Advancing the Mystery Vein shaft. We note this will trigger the existing 2-year Bulk Sampling Consent.
  • Opening a second face on the Mystery vein once the Second Egress is complete.
  • Funding the implementation of the Traffic Management Plan and the Resource Consent application for Full Mining Consent.

Key Features

The issue of the Convertible Debt Security and its terms, along with any potential issue of shares, are subject to approval by shareholders and have the following features:

Term: 18 months from drawdown. Drawdown of the Convertible Debt Security will be in one tranche.

Interest Rate: Annual Interest rate of 9.5%, payable quarterly in cash, there is no option to settle interest by any other means.

Conversion / Scalability: The Convertible Debt Security will mandatorily convert to ordinary shares in NTL at the 18-month anniversary of drawdown at a 15% discount to the preceding 20-day Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) of the ordinary shares of the Company, or at the discretion of the Company repaid in cash on the 18-month anniversary of drawdown, with no additional fees.

Security: The Convertible Debt Security will be unsecured and rank pari-passu with unsecured trade creditors of NTL.

Conditions: The issue of the Convertible Debt Security and its terms, along with any potential issue of shares, will be subject to approval by the NTL shareholders.

Company Background

NTL is a dual listed company with over 2,800 shareholders who are mainly from New Zealand and Australia and has been listed since 1986. NTL is a New Zealand based minerals development and exploration company with a

mining permit encompassing the Talisman mine, one of New Zealand’s historically most productive gold mines.

The Company has commenced prospecting and upgrading activities at the mine and has advanced the exploration project to increase its considerable global exploration target into JORC 2012 resources. NTL’s gold properties near Paeroa in the Hauraki District of New Zealand have a granted mining permit, including one of New Zealand’s highest-grade underground gold mines, which has been updated to a JORC 2012 compliant mineral resource.

For more information, please refer to the Flyer in the documents tab, To register your interest in this opportunity, click "Register Interest".

New Talisman Gold Mines - Private Placement - June 2022
July 4, 2022

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