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Transaction Size
USD 1,000,000,000.00
Share Price
USD 1,000.00
Minimum Investment
USD 5,000.00
Issue Type
Managed Investment Scheme

Our partners in New York have introduced us to an opportunity from Preferred Capital Securities LLC, the Dealer-Manager of an Issue from Preferred Apartment Communities, Inc (“PAC”). https://pacapts.com/ NYSE Listed:APTS

The Issue is a Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock offering (PAC/A.1) designed to potentially provide investors with consistent monthly dividends as a fixed income alternative. 

PAC was formed primarily to own and operate multifamily properties (residential housing with two or more units under one roof or several buildings within one complex eg duplex, townhouse) and, to a lesser extent, own and operate student housing properties, grocery-anchored shopping centres and strategically located, well leased class A office buildings, all in select targeted markets throughout the United States. As part of it’s business strategy, it may enter into forward purchase contracts or purchase options for to-be-built multifamily communities and may make real estate related loans, provide deposit arrangements, or provide performance assurances, as may be necessary or appropriate, in connection with the development of multifamily communities.

As a secondary strategy, PAC may acquire or originate senior mortgage loans, subordinate loans or real estate loans secured by interests in multifamily properties , membership or partnership interests in multifamily properties and other multifamily related assets and invest a lesser portion of our assets in other real estate related investments, including other income-producing property types, senior mortgage loans, subordinate loans or real estate loans secured by interests in other income-producing property types, membership or partnership interests in other income-producing property types as determined by the Manager as appropriate for PAC.


Investment highlights of PAC/A.1


A Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock offering designed to potentially provide investors with consistent monthly dividends as a fixed income alternative.


Use of proceeds


The Manager of PAC/A.1 intends to invest substantially all of the net proceeds of this offering in connection with the acquisition of multifamily properties and other real estate-related investments, including grocery-anchored shopping centres and office buildings, and for general working capital purposes.


Until appropriate assets can be identified, the Manager may invest the net proceeds of this offering in interest-bearing short-term investments that are consistent with the intention to qualify as a REIT.



Series A1 Redeemable Preferred Stock offered by Preferred Apartment Communities, Inc.



$1,000 per share

with a minimum investment of $5,000

(then $1,000 increments).



$1 Billion



6% annualised dividend, intended to be paid monthly. There are no assurances the dividend objective will be met.



$1,000 per share



Investor has the right to redeem the Preferred Stock at stated value, subject to a three year declining redemption fee.



The Preferred Stock ranks senior to the Common Stock with respect to payment of dividends and upon liquidation.



The PAC management team has extensive experience in acquiring, managing, and financing institutional quality real estate, including multifamily, retail and office.



PAC’s longstanding industry relationships provides them with continuous access to investment opportunities.



PAC’s depth of property management expertise helps us protect and grow the value of our assets.



PAC’s focus on quality, consistency, and innovation provides strong national recognition for

the Preferred Apartment Communities brand.



PAC A.1 offering - Investor Fact Sheet - 2019-12
April 8, 2020
PAC - Preferred Apartment Communites - Prospectus - Oct19
April 8, 2020

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