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Transaction Size
NZD 2,500,000.00
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NZD 500.00
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Early Stage Capital

The opportunity exists to express interest in Rubber Monkey.

Rubber Monkey is New Zealand’s leading e-commerce platform specifically designed and operated for creatives, combining the largest range of creative technologies with a world class consumer experience.

Rubber Monkey was founded in 2010 by Laurie Alexander and Nigel Stanford, previous CEO of TradeMe and major shareholder in Mighty Ape (prior to its sale). Since then Rubber Monkey has become the leading e-commerce platform for creatives, delivering a world class consumer experience and generating $20.4 million of revenue and $1 million of EBITDA in FY22. The company lists more than 94,000 video, computer, audio and photography products on its site, with products sourced from local distributors and manufacturers around the world.

The e-commerce platform is built entirely on proprietary technology which manages everything from product ordering, warehousing and inventory management to sales and order shipping. As well as creating a great customer experience, the platform enables the business to be agile and continuously optimize internal processes from purchasing and warehouse, to accounts and after sales care. The results are real and the benefits provide Rubber Monkey with its competitive edge.

Rubber Monkey generated $2.5 million of revenue in FY22 through its Australian website. The success in Australia has been achieved with minimal presence, marketing and product range. With premises secured in Sydney, supplier agreements in the process of being signed and staff being recruited, Rubber Monkey is positioning itself to capture the much more significant market opportunity in Australia.

Rubber Monkey has a fairly simple growth strategy consisting of expanding its presence in Australia, increasing its product range and increasing investment in marketing and sales. It has built an exceptional and loyal team who are ready to execute on the growth strategy.

Rubber Monkey is now seeking to raise up to $2.5 million of capital to support its growth strategy, with funds to be used to invest in additional inventory, fitting out its Australian premises and as working capital.

Check out Rubber Monkey's introduction video here

For more information please refer to the information memorandum in the documents section.

Rubber Monkey Information Memorandum
July 27, 2022

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