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Transaction Size
USD $2,000,000.00
Share Price
Minimum Investment
USD $25,000.00
Issue Type
Venture Capital

Invest in SkyDrop and make New Zealand the drone delivery capital of the world.

SkyDrop (Flirtey Holdings, Inc.) is a US-based technology company focused on commercialising last-mile drone delivery in New Zealand. SkyDrop is partnering with industry-leading companies:

  1. Domino's: Domino's signs deal with SkyDrop to launch next stage of commercial drone delivery in New Zealand
  2. Package Delivery: One of the largest package delivery companies just signed an LOI with SkyDrop
  3. Medical Delivery: One of the largest medical companies just signed an LOI with SkyDrop

SkyDrop believes it has proven product-market fit and that SkyDrop has the best store-to-door drone delivery system in the world:

  1. Turnkey system: SkyDrop provides a turnkey system for autonomous store-to-door drone delivery that includes its Eagle aircraft, launch platform and robust software system to provide a customer centric solution
  2. Successful launch: SkyDrop recently launched their initial commercial trial with real drones delivering real food to real customers: https://www.dominos.co.nz/landing-pages/domino-s-drone-delivery-faqs
  3. Expansion: SkyDrop plans to expand commercial trial operations in New Zealand in Q1 2023

Given such exciting news, SkyDrop is raising interim bridge capital to fuel the Company's growth and expanding operations. Subsequently, the Company’s existing investors recently invested $1 million in a Convertible Note facility with SkyDrop now looking to expand funding up to an additional $2 million to fund further expansion early next year. In addition, the Company is now in discussions with a number of additional potential customers to scale operations even further. Subsequently, the goal is to then complete a Series C preferred offering later next year of at least $20 million that would enable investors in the Company's bridge funding programs to receive stock in the priced round.

Regarding SkyDrop's current Convertible Note investment opportunity, the facility's features include:

  1. Significant upside opportunity: The Convertible Note converts into common stock at the better of a $35M valuation cap or a discounted price equal to 18.75% of the Series C price per share. The Company projects that investors in this Note would receive up to approximately 5.3X the amount of stock a new investor would get for the same dollar investment in the Series C formal round
  2. Ability to maintain ownership in future rounds: Note investors receive pro-rata participation rights to purchase one's pro rata share of stock being sold in a future round
  3. Secured: The Note is secured

SkyDrop is already receiving commitments on a first come first serve basis. To receive a copy of the investor deck and set up a call with management click to register interest.

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