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Transaction Size
NZD 1,475,769.00
Share Price
NZD 2.15
Minimum Investment
NZD 100,000.00
Issue Type
Private Equity
Health Care

Third Age Health was founded in 2010 and offers a primary care services to Aged Care Residents having developed a mobile service that delivers medical services to where its patients reside.

Third Age Health utilises cloud technology advancements and embraces the ‘paperless’ digital workspace that creates an adaptive and mobile solution, all this being driven by a minimal yet dynamic executive team that contrasts its large practitioner reach.

Third Age Health has a clear strategy across the Third Age Health Services group to deliver profitable growth organically and through acquisitions.

The first acquisition of a ‘traditional’ medical practice was completed in April 2018, after 8 years of purely organic growth. Through the acquisition of established, profitable medical clinics, this opens another growth channel for Third Age Health.

By continuing to develop primary care delivery models using physical and digital channels, to meet the growing demands for health care to meet the evolving customer/client expectations, Third Age Health will be at the forefront of the Aged Care sector.

Investment Highlights

  • 89% of group revenue is of a recurring nature.
  • Strong revenue growth. From $3.8m in FY17 to $5.7m in FY19 , correlated to its growth in patients under care, evidence of how necessary its service is.   
  • Track record of strong net margin growth
  • Ageing Population ensures market viability for consistent measured growth
  • Healthy operating margins, which we have historically grown and continue to focus on improving, while ensuring the same or better service is delivered.
  • Established working relationships with NZ’s largest ARC providers
  • Comprehensive acquisition strategy to bolster core focus by acquiring existing GP Clinics in strategic locations
  • Leading medical services provider to the ARC sector.

The offering is of ordinary shares in Third Age Health Services Limited (“Offerer”), a company incorporated in New Zealand

  • Total number of shares outstanding is 10,000,000
  • Number of shares available for purchase in this offering is 686,404 of ordinary shares
  • In the event of oversubscription, share allocations will be apportioned pro-rata.
  • Shares are offered at the price of $2.15 each
  • Minimum investment:$100,000
  • Maximum investment:$1,000,000

The demand for primary services to the ARC sector is set to expand rapidly over the next 20 plus years. Third Age Health is best positioned to capitalise on this growth as a leader in the Aged Care sector.

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Third Age Health - Excerpt from Information Memorandum
February 9, 2020

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