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Transaction Size
NZD 2,000,000.00
Share Price
NZD 50,000.00
Minimum Investment
NZD 50,000.00
Issue Type
Venture Capital

Pacific Channel is currently leading a seed round into a Auckland-based clean-tech company called Vortex Power Systems - a spin out from the University of Auckland’s Wind Engineering lab, which is developing a novel method of generating electricity from wasted heat emitted by thermal processes. Vortex’s technology utilises the wasted heat (in the form of water vapour) to fuel a man-made atmospheric buoyancy vortex. The circulating wind currents produced by this vortex at the base of the unit power a turbine to generate electricity, thereby creating usable power from an otherwise wasted energy source. Vortex expects its technology will be able to add >7.5% net power output for thermal power plants and provide a source of electricity for industrial processes using their own wasted heat.

Vortex has a 15m high working prototype unit at the University of Auckland Newmarket Innovation Precinct which demonstrates its technology.

Their pre-seed round went well (they have achieved all their milestones). They are now raising up to $2m in a seed round.

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How it works

Wasted heat from thermal processes are normally captured in their cooling circuits, that traditionally use water.

Our technology utilises this to create a controllable vortex akin to a waterspout that will be created from a difference in temperature and water vapour. The waste heat then acts as the energy source for the system.

This energy source, when combined with a source of horizontal air circulation or swirl, creates a rotating, rising column of buoyant air that produces concentrated rotating winds at the ground, like a controlled tornado. By placing a wind-turbine at the base of the vortex, we can convert the wind from the vortex into power; capturing a portion of the waste heat energy as electricity.

  • STEP 1. Low-level waste heat from power generation
  • STEP 2. Heated water sprayed into system
  • STEP 3. Initial rotation of turbine
  • STEP 4. Rising heat and rotation of air draws in air at an angle
  • STEP 5. Creation of self-sustaining vortex
  • STEP 6. Vortex drives power generation turbine at base
  • STEP 7. Additional 7.5% electricity generation
  • STEP 8. Remove heated water to halt operation
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