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Transaction Size
NZD 15,000,000.00
Share Price
Minimum Investment
NZD 100,000.00
Issue Type
Venture Capital

From Garage to Greatness for Deep Tech companies

In 2016, WNT Ventures invested into Mint Innovation, a clean tech company that was developing a process that extracts the valuable minerals from electronic waste, such as PCBs and mobile phones. Mint was only just getting started so WNT’s funding helped them get established in a lab and to trial the early iterations of their technical development. 

With the support of WNT and a number of other investors Mint Innovation has recently gone on to raise $22 million - one of the largest Series B rounds that New Zealand has seen for a deep tech company. 

Mint Innovation’s success to date has been a fantastic example of what WNT Ventures refers to as From Garage to Greatness.  

We are now welcoming new wholesale investors to join us in our third fund as we search for the next Mint Innovation, Argo Navis Aerospace or Foundry Lab – see our slide deck or website for the full portfolio of great companies WNT Ventures has invested into. 

First close achieved.

WNT Ventures Fund 3 has achieved a first close of $8.5 million from new and existing institutional and HNW investors such as Quayside Holding, Bay Trust, K1W1, TECT, Angel HQ, Enterprise Angels, Steve Saunders, Ian MacRae and Beppie Holm.     

We welcome new, wholesale investors until the end of March 2021.

Callaghan Partnership

In addition to the capital raised in this fund, WNT receives support from Callaghan Innovation via the Technology Incubator programme – boosting our typical initial commitment of $250k to a total of $1 million – benefiting the companies and investors alike through the attractive loan structure provided via Callaghan – New Zealand’s R&D grants agency. This additional funding provides a significant boost to the capital by leveraging non-dilutive funds to fast track the company towards its greatness vision.  

As such the fund will have NZ$15 million to $20 million to deploy into 12 - 15 new, pre-revenue, deep tech companies over the next three years.  

Track record

WNT has shown significant results in Funds 1 and 2 – with realised returns to Fund 1 investors, and increased value throughout both portfolios.  

About WNT Ventures

WNT Ventures was created through a collaboration of experienced entrepreneurs and institutional capital providers who are passionate about building an environment where emerging companies can achieve success.

We are an incubator of pre-revenue, deep technology companies. We find early stage, science-backed companies and support their evolution into thriving businesses on a global scale.

We are a high conviction partner of smart, ambitious and entrepreneurial deep tech founders – we aim to be a champion to support their ambition of turning their global technology into reality.

We are passionate about building a world where being a New Zealand founder is an advantage. We exist to champion and empower pioneers at the start of their frontier tech journey:


From Garage to Greatness

WNT Ventures Fund 3 - Slide Deck
March 12, 2021
Callaghan Innovation Partnership
March 12, 2021
Fund 3 focus and strategy
March 8, 2021

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