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Craigmore Sustainables

Around 2016 Craigmore was contemplating the need for more sophisticated back-office support. Their anticipated growth meant that the current administrative tasks needed to move away from Excel sheets to a system that offered automation, proficiency and professionalism. The manual processes were time-consuming and heavily reliant on people power. 

Since the transition to the Syndex platform Craigmore has seen an extraordinary reduction in administrative tasks. Formally tasks were handled by 1 person working 20 hours per week, now it takes 1 person 2 hours per month.

High on Craigmore’s priority list was an automated system that took care of the onboarding of clients, AML and had the ability to collate all historical data. The resulting data collection (historical, operational and financial) covers both investments and investors, giving Craigmore data-led insights into the business and their clients. Being able to produce reports over the top of complex data, they found, is quick, easy and powerful.

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Craigmore Sustainables

Craigmore Sustainables is a unique Kiwi-owned and operated company that manages more than 25,000 hectares of dairy, forestry and horticultural properties throughout the country. Founded in 2009, our vision is to make a real difference to Aotearoa New Zealand through producing food and fibre that is sought after around the globe and which leads the way in sustainable practices, while also benefiting our rural communities.

“Formally (administrative) tasks were handled by 1 person working 20 hours per week, now it takes 1 person 2 hours per month.”

Paul Burns, Craigmore Partner and Group Chief Financial Officer.

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Craigmore Sustainables

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