MyFarm Limited

MyFarm Limited was established in 1990 in recognition of the potential for New Zealand farmland and rural investments as productive, tangible assets, which generate attractive longer-term returns, and set out to make investments in carefully selected properties.

In the early 200s, Executive Directors Andrew Watters and Grant Rowan joined the founding partner in the business, Cliff King. In 2013, Cliff retired and his share of the company was purchased by a group of experience New Zealand business and agribusiness investors, and a group of senior and long-serving MyFarm staff.

MyFarm's primary role is in the establishment of quality rural syndicates, which provide ongoing returns and interest to the investor group.

MyFarm is a specialist syndication business with a focus on rural asset syndications namely dairy, sheep & beef, horticulture and rural commercial property. MyFarm is widely regarded as New Zealand's most experienced farm and rural investment company. Since 1990, MyFarm has provided investors with opportunities to access returns from New Zealand farm land through investments in handpicked, premium property. Our experience as farmers, farm managers and rural investors, along with our focus on investment in the top 25% of New Zealand property, has enabled us to consistently outperform more traditional types of investment and deliver well above average returns.

IssueLocationSectorIssue Type
Patriarch Vineyard WholesaleMarlboroughViticultureCommercial Property
Bartletts Creek Vineyard WholesaleMarlboroughViticultureCommercial Property
Expressway Orchard WholesaleBay of PlentyHortCommercial Property
Fareham Lane Vineyard LP WholesaleMarlboroughViticultureCommercial Property
Kahui Holdings WholesaleWaikatoCommercial PropertyCommercial Property
LLP Investments SouthlandDairyAgriculture Issue
PRD Investments CanterburyDairyAgriculture Issue
KLP Investments SouthlandDairyAgriculture Issue
HLP Investments CanterburyDairyAgriculture Issue
GCF Investments SouthlandDairyAgriculture Issue
TPLP Investments CanterburyDairyAgriculture Issue

Silverfin Capital

Silverfin is licensed under the FMCA as a manager of Managed Investment Schemes (excluding managed funds) that invest in real property or property syndicates/real property proportionate ownership schemes.

Whilst Silverfin is a relatively new entrant to the marketplace, it has the benefit of experienced syndicator Cheryl Macaulay, former owner and managing director of Commercial Investment Properties Limited, which amalgamated with syndicator KCL Property and was later acquired by listed company Augusta Capital. Silverfin is a business specialising in property syndication and management. Its schemes are structured to provide investors with a cash return from commercial and industrial real estate, without the burdens of private property ownership.

The directors and management of Silverfin have considerable property expertise with experience in property development, facilities and asset management, property investment, business administration and accounting. Silverfin’s directors have been involved in managing a wide range of properties including single ownership entities, and syndicates in numerous locations throughout New Zealand and Brisbane. The directors and management have been involved in commercial property for many years and have extensive experience and knowledge in this area. Silverfin directors’ experience and its professional partners present a strong well-organised team that provides a broad base of knowledge and experience.

IssueLocationSectorIssue Type
Centre Place South Scheme WholesaleWaikatoCommercial PropertyCommercial Property
Oxford Victoria Scheme CanterburyCommercial PropertyCommercial Property
173 Captain Springs Road Scheme WholesaleAucklandCommercial PropertyCommercial Property
Provida Portfolio Scheme WholesaleCommercial PropertyCommercial Property


Craigmore are a specialist manager of farms and forests in New Zealand. Established in 2008 by two New Zealand family farmers – Forbes Elworthy and Mark Cox – Craigmore now has a highly experienced team managing a mix of dairy, grazing, forestry and horticultural properties spread over both islands and more than 15,000 hectares. Our aim is to be a long-term producer of high quality food and forest products, managing the land sustainably, and working with the best managers in New Zealand.

All issues are private.

How to become a partner

We are sourcing opportunities from a range of issuers to provide investors with a wide choice of investment options spanning commercial real estate, agriculture and forestry markets.

We are also looking for quality opportunities in the private company equity and peer-to-peer lending markets.

Managing and offering proportionally-owned investment markets is what we do at Syndex. It’s the only thing we do.

We don’t create or market any kind of investment product of our own. That’s the job of our partners – the issuers generating the common interest products, such as crowdfunders, syndicators, distributers, and company owners.