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EastPack Limited is the issuer of EastPack Notes. The Product Disclosure Statement is available at www.myfarm.co.nz/eastpack or by contacting MyFarm Investments at 0800 693276, or on www.business.govt.nz/disclose and searching for offer number 13417.


Please ensure you have received, read and understood the Product Disclosure Statement dated 4th November before making your application.


This advertisement does not constitute, and is not a substitute for, financial, legal, tax, accounting or other professional advice. It does not take into account the particular needs or circumstances of any prospective investor. Before deciding whether to invest, you should obtain independent financial advice that takes account of your personal financial goals and circumstances. MyFarm Investments and/or EastPack cannot provide you with any such independent financial advice. Any investment decision made by any person is based solely on their own evaluation of their individual personal and financial situation. Nothing in this advertisement constitutes an invitation to purchase, or an offer of shares, securities, or financial products to any person, in any country, in which it would be unlawful to do so. 

Total Share/Units
30,000,000 Notes
Min Investment
20,000 Notes
Min Invest Value
NZD $20,000.00
Par Value
NZD $1.00
Eastpack / MyFarm
Issue Type
Offer End Date
December 12, 2022

With the cost of living heading north and the value of your hard-earned cash being eaten away, where do you turn?


EastPack Notes is a new investment offer particularly suited to inflationary times like these. The interest rate is fixed annually to generate a minimum interest rate return of 8.5% p.a. – OR the five-year government bond rate + 4.5% - whichever is highest.


Based on the latest government bond rate, the interest rate in Year 1 has been fixed at 8.9% p.a.


This is an investment in the continued growth of EastPack, one of New Zealand’s largest kiwifruit post-harvest operators, based in Bay of Plenty.


The expansion will position EastPack to make the most of projected 35% growth in the volume of our national kiwifruit crop during the next five years – a result of increased plantings and younger orchards reaching maturity. This volume growth is fuelling high demand for more fruit processing and cool storage capacity in Bay of Plenty.


EastPack Notes is an exciting opportunity to invest in the success of a long established, reputable operator experiencing the massive growth of our No.1 horticultural export. Here’s the summary:


-      EastPack Notes is an offer of unsecured, subordinated, fixed rate debt securities

-      Open to all investors in New Zealand

-      Minimum return 8.5% p.a., set annually

-      First year interest rate set at 8.9% p.a.

-      5 year investment term*

-      Interest paid quarterly

-      Minimum investment $20,000


Please ensure you have received, read and understood the Product Disclosure Statement dated 4th November before making your application.

This offer closes 5pm, Monday 12th December 2022.


* with the option for EastPack to redeem after three years

EastPack Limited - Master Trust Deed (dated 4 November 2022)
EastPack Limited - Product Disclosure Statement - 4 November 2022
EastPack Limited - Supplemental Trust Deed (dated 4 November 2022)

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