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Total Share/Units
Min Investment
Min Invest Value
NZD $50,000.00
Par Value
NZD $1.00
New Ground Capital Limited
Issue Type
Private Equity
Offer End Date
December 31, 2023

Homes for Tamariki Limited

Delivering a commercial return to investors, while providing stable homes for vulnerable children and young people

Homes for Tamariki Limited is an investment vehicle that purchases existing homes throughout New Zealand and leases them to the government for the care and accommodation of vulnerable children and young people (and their caregivers).

The company aims to deliver shareholders:

  • quarterly dividends close to 4.5% p.a. from government rental income
  • long term capital growth from residential property
  • deductibility of interest costs (as the properties are leased to the government)
  • protection against rising interest costs via a unique rental pricing mechanism


  • The Government (through the Ministry for Children) identify fit for purpose properties around NZ (they require ~100 properties over the next 3 years)
  • The Fund then purchases these properties and leases them to the Government on 5 year terms with 3 rights of renewal
  • The Government pays rent annually in advance, and takes responsibility for the property and the young residents
  • The Fund makes quarterly distributions (net of rates, management fees, interest costs and incidental costs)


  • First close complete at $3.35m and first four homes acquired (in New Plymouth, Hamilton, Tauranga and West Auckland)
  • Now raising a further $20m over the next 12 months
  • $50k minimum investment
  • Tax efficient Company PIE structure and interest deductibility
  • Open to wholesale investors only


  • Review the Homes for Tamariki Limited Information Memorandum.
  • Complete your application via Syndex.
  • The manager will then be in contact to finalise your application including completion of the Offer and Subscription Agreement.

 Join us to make a difference.

Homes for Tamariki Information Memorandum 221201
Offer and Subscription Agreement H4T Sep 2022

New Ground Capital Limited


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