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Commercial Property


New Zealand law normally requires people who offer financial products to give information to investors before they invest. This requires those offering financial products to have disclosed information that is important for investors to make an informed decision.


The usual rules do not apply to this offer because there is an exclusion for offers where the amount invested upfront by the investor (plus any other investments the investor has already made in the financial products) is $750,000 or more. As a result of this exclusion, you may not receive a complete and balanced set of information. You will also have fewer other legal protections for this investment. Investments of this kind are not suitable for retail investors.


Ask questions, read all documents carefully, and seek independent financial advice before committing yourself.


This is not an offer to the public. This offer is only available to investors certified as ‘wholesale investors’ within the meaning of clauses 3(2), 3(3)(a) and 3(3)(b) of Schedule 1 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. Returns are not guaranteed. 

Total Share/Units
430 Units
Min Investment
5 Units
Min Invest Value
NZD 50,000.00
Par Value
NZD 10,000.00
Quarry Capital Limited
Issue Type
Commercial Property
Commercial Property
Offer End Date
July 15, 2022

Quarry Capital Limited (as the offeror, promoter, and manager) offers certified wholesale investors an opportunity to purchase proportionate ownership interests ('Interests') in an existing proportionate ownership scheme. Currently the scheme is known as the Tuapeka Property Syndicate, however following the restructure it will be known as the Tweed Property Scheme (‘Scheme’).

The Scheme is a managed investment scheme under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 ('FMC Act').

The Scheme (via TGP Nominees Limited, as bare trustee) currently owns the land and buildings at 9 Chadwick Street, Fairfield, Dunedin which it leases to Tuapeka Gold Print. The Scheme intends to purchase the freehold ownership of 90 Tweed Street (the ‘New Property’) in Invercargill, which will be leased to Ministry for Primary Industries ('MPI') under a new 12-year lease with two further rights of renewal.

Upon Settlement of the New Property, a six month redevelopment programme (including base build works and fitout works) being led by Calder Stewart will commence to ensure that the premises are suitable for MPI’s current and future needs. The cost of the fitout (excluding base build works) will be repaid by MPI to the Scheme over the initial term of the lease in addition to a finance cost and annual property rental.

The existing Interests on issue in the Scheme will be restructured contemporaneously with the acquisition of the New Property and the associated issue of new Interests on Settlement Date.

Property Name Location Address
Chadwick Street Dunedin 9 Chadwick Street, Fairfield, Dunedin 9018
Tweed Street Invercargill 90 Tweed Street, West Invercargill 9810

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Tweed Property Scheme IM - June 2022

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