Syndex welcomes angel investments to its diverse private marketplace

Angel investing is a lesser known, but flourishing asset class in New Zealand. Young company investments (angel and venture capital) have steadily increased from $30 million in 2008 to over $100 million in 2018¹. The New Zealand tech sector economy is starting to see the fruits of these investments with growth evident over the past decade: $6.3 billion in 2008 to $11.1 billion in 2018¹. As the asset class matures, and to ensure the continued growth, it needs good infrastructure and rigour in the management of its investments and investors.

Providing a full infrastructure solution is Syndex, a fintech company bringing private market investments to retail and wholesale investors. Their SaaS platform supports the management and trading of proportionally-owned investments, with a service that provides for both Issuers of, and investors in syndicates, limited partnerships and private equity. Uniquely, they host a secondary market that enables peer-to-peer trading with the benefits of price discovery and transparency. The secondary market completes the private market eco-system, a full-service hub supporting multiple shareholders to provide stronger governance and automation. Syndex clients take their pick from three modules; registry management, the investor portal and the marketplace, all of which work singularly or in unison.

Investment opportunities exist, via Syndex, in a multitude of asset classes; commercial property, agriculture, venture capital and now, angel investing. The addition of angel investments to the Syndex marketplace gives their community of investors the opportunity to invest into early-stage businesses and to support NZ innovation across agtech, technology, hardware & equipment, and software & services.

“Angel networks provide investors with a measured and collaborative means of investing in early-stage companies, which is essential in this risky investment space,” said Mike Jenkins, Syndex Founder. “ We are very pleased to be able to offer, to the Syndex community, the latest fund offering from Enterprise Angels. Their participation in the Syndex marketplace gives them access to our ready community of wholesale investors.”

The current angel offer from Tauranga-based Enterprise Angels, a membership-based investment network, is a third Fund following the success of their previous offers, EA Fund 1 and EA Fund 2. The Fund is well-engineered in an effort to mitigate risk; a diverse portfolio with a minimum of 15 well-prepared innovative startups and governance of the fund by a board of experienced angel investors.

“We are pleased to offer our third fund to a new community of investors – a community we hope to connect with more frequently in the future,” said Nina Le Lievre, Enterprise Angels Manager. “Angel investing is high risk and EA Fund 3 offers a sound way to mitigate this risk as much as possible with well-vetted deals and a diverse portfolio for all investors.”

EA Fund 3 is available on the Syndex investment opportunities market. To see the offer in more detail: https://my.syndex.exchange/AtAGlancePublic?synId=a056F00000zAAtJQAW


Ross Verry

Ross Verry is CEO of Syndex and a shareholder. The views expressed above are purely his own. Please assess and research all your investment.