New shareholder announcement and $2bn under management milestone

News release

Innovative fintech investment platform Syndex welcomes new shareholders, Greg and Alison Furniss into the fold.

Syndex provides private capital markets with a platform for the management and trading of proportionally-owned investments. It makes it both easy to find these ‘alternative opportunities’ as well as providing contemporary and efficient services for both Issuers of, and investors in syndicates, limited partnerships and private equity. It has recently hit a milestone having reached over $2 billion in assets under administration over multiple asset classes.

The Furniss’ investment comes at a pivotal point for Syndex as recent growth has shown that there is continued opportunity in valued market categories, such as horticulture and agri-tech. Syndex is focused on increasing its sales and marketing team in preparation for answering demand from NZ and offshore, as well as further development of the platform.

CEO Ross Verry said, “We extend a warm welcome to the Furniss’. They bring with them a wealth of experience and knowledge of the agri-tech sector that’s extremely valuable to Syndex. In the horticulture and permanent crop sector we’ve also seen great growth over the last year and we now have over $230 million in assets under administration in these asset classes alone. We want to continue to support this demand for growth capital.”

The Furniss’ were the founders and developers of Hamilton fruit technology manufacturer, BBC Technologies, recently acquired by the Norway-based TOMRA Foods for $66.9 million. Their fruit packing and grading machines, first invented in 2000 at their family blueberry farm in Ohaupo are now exported worldwide to a tune of $34 million per year.

Greg thinks there is a place in the market for Syndex and says, “Having a business in the succession stage of the life-cycle, which isn’t always easy, gave me perspective on the Syndex model. The idea of introducing capital to family businesses without losing control or its core values is a great one. I see Syndex as having great potential.”


Examples of offers in agri-tech and horticulture can be found here

Syndex background:

Syndex’s is an online investor portal for real assets and private equity – its focus is to bring transparency, liquidity, independence and price discovery to the private economy for any proportionally-owned asset such as fractions of agricultural assets, shares in private equity and commercial property syndicates.

Ross Verry

Ross Verry is CEO of Syndex and a shareholder. The views expressed above are purely his own. Please assess and research all your investment.