Syndex Newsletter November 2017

This is our first official email to keep you updated on what is happening at Syndex, and a lot has been happening. We now have over three quarters of a billion dollars in funds under administration and have facilitated over half a million dollars in purchases on our secondary market. You might just be one of these purchasers.

Either way, you are one of our foundation clients either curious at the opportunities and looking for more interesting investments, including diversification and we want to keep you updated. You are receiving this because you registered to Syndex.

There are a couple of key purposes we have at Syndex. One is to make, interesting, alternative investments, more accessible and investable for investors. So we offer a secondary market for liquidity and price discovery and an investor portal to facilitate communications, to track investment performance and valuation information. Click here for full secondary market.

The other is to provide a pathway to access capital for privately owned businesses that operate in many key sectors, addressing many of the capital challenges that they have previously faced. The platform can connect them to wider pool of investors, even skills-based investing.

We have a growing number of proportional specialist companies now on the platform such as MyFarm and Silverfin. These are large companies who are have specific investments coming up regularly, and they see value in Syndex managing everything in one place, including providing a secondary market, when investors decide they want to sell. Within their own environments they can’t do this.

What we love about our innovation is that we are genuinely supporting the backbone of the New Zealand economy. We will find the investments you’ve dreamed of, that give you a slice of real NZ.

One of these really interesting one’s is Regen – cloud based agri-tech digital services company, creating software to assist with water management. I look forward to sharing more of these opportunities with you.

Ross Verry

Ross Verry is CEO of Syndex and a shareholder. The views expressed above are purely his own. Please assess and research all your investment.