Newsletter May 2019 - A unique global biomed offer

At Syndex, we’re proud that we are able to present a wide range of quality investments, from different sectors and geographies. This week we’re launching a biotech offer from New York - a rare opportunity to invest in a business that has developed and is commercialising life-saving technology. The company, Orchestra Biomed, is responsible for two new medical innovations that address artery disease and hypertension - major life-threatening issues affecting millions of lives.

Orchestra is led, guided and advised by an experienced group of managers, directors and advisors, that have extensive experience in all phases of product development in medical technology and biopharmaceuticals. The opportunity is presented in an attractive pre-IPO structure, entitling the investor to an incentive adjustment in the conversion ratio at the IPO stage.

This unique and exciting opportunity has been brought to Syndex by Stern Aegis Ventures located in New York City. Stern Aegis Ventures is the management team within Aegis Capital Corp, that is responsible for venture capital and private equity financing. The Stern Aegis team partners with entrepreneurs and early stage companies to bring ideas to life, endeavouring to create brands with long-term investment value. Managing Directors Billy Takos and Michael Schiavello are New Zealand Registered Financial Advisors and have been servicing the New Zealand market since 2002.


Orchestra Biomed

Orchestra Biomed is a biomedical innovation company focused on developing high impact therapeutic solutions to address significant unmet medical needs. The Company’s lead products are addressing unmet needs in artery disease and hypertension. These are among the leading causes of death worldwide, taking the lives of 17.7 million people each year or 31% of all global deaths according to the WHO.

The Company advances its products through the development stage and aims to leverage strategic partnerships with established global commercial leaders, to optimise commercialisation and profitability.

While cardiovascular disease remains the core focus, Orchestra believes that its current platform technologies and future development initiatives will have application in other significant medical conditions.

There is a lot of information available to help you assess this unique opportunity. Click here for more on Stern Aegis, Orchestra Biomed, the product pipeline, the recent acceptance on to the FDA Breakthrough Device designation programme and the forecast investment returns.

Ross Verry

Ross Verry is CEO of Syndex and a shareholder. The views expressed above are purely his own. Please assess and research all your investment.