Platform updates Q2 2019

June 2019

Improvements and developments to the Syndex platform are perpetual as we strive for the best Syndex can be.

If you would like more information about these platform enhancements please get in contact. We’re always happy to demonstrate the new or improved features.

Email integration - rolling out now

Email integration makes sending multiple emails easy! Save time by systematically sending personalised emails to dedicated groups such as holdings, issues, syndicates or prospective investors. Improve your communication with clients as well as having a neat audit trail in the CRM.

Customisable - Bulk send emails - Automated mail-merge

Distribution reports - coming soon

We are always seeking further efficiencies in our reporting functions; our new distribution reports will soon be able to calculate and report on distributions or dividends. These automated reports can be issued to investors, and in the final stage of this development, will create a bank file that will enable payments to be made directly to client accounts.

Time-saving - Automated process - Payments linked from registry to client data

Wholesale certification process - coming soon

This process has been upgraded and streamlined. Over the coming weeks you may see changes in the certification process that makes it easier to follow.

Our aim here is to:

  • Make it simpler for wholesale investors, in particular eligible investors, to complete the process by aligning the class or type of security they are certifying for, with the definition of financial product (equity security, debt security, MIS and/or derivative) in clause 7 of part 1 of the FMCA
  • Introduce the ability for the Issuer or investor to produce a Syndex verified hardcopy certificate
  • Provide a history of the certifications that have been provided by an entity or individual over time
  • Provide the ability to hold valid certificates across jurisdictions, with the Australian wholesale certification being delivered in 2019

DocuSign - available now

Are you looking for an efficiency that saves time, paper, money and eliminates frustration? We’ve partnered with DocuSign to offer a customisable electronic signature add-on. It’s an easy addition to your application forms, share transfers, directors’ resolution documents… or anything that requires a signature.


  • Sign documents anywhere from any device
  • No overnighting, faxing or waiting
  • Secure and trusted
  • Encrypted, with a full audit trail
  • Track and trace all signatures

How it works:

Assign and send the document. This could be to any individual, like directors, trustees, joint account holders or any other kind of entity. All recipients are notified and follow the simple prompts to sign. The signature can be customised by font, uploaded from your device if you store a custom signature image or use the touchscreen and draw free-hand. Recipients can decline to sign, or print and sign as alternative options. The sender is notified as recipients sign the document, and records are updated accordingly.

The function can be branded to your site and built into a number of services. Contact us to discuss how we can add this to your forms and legal documents. If you’d like to see a demonstration please contact Jamie Jamie.Hall@syndex.exchange

Ross Verry

Ross Verry is CEO of Syndex and a shareholder. The views expressed above are purely his own. Please assess and research all your investment.