Interest.co.nz:Beyond the formal stock markets - the rise in alternative investments

Alternative investments are receiving a lot of attention. We take a look at why the spotlight is shining on the private markets.

Voxy:Forest Enterprise partners with Syndex

Investment platform Syndex has welcomed its first forestry offer to its marketplace. The fintech company commonly lists proportionally-owned assets in agriculture, horticulture and commercial...

NBR:Syndex Doubles Assets Under Management This Year

NBR interview and article on strong growth reported by Syndex, as it doubles assets under management this year (2018). The platform has 4600 account holders and about 10 regular issuers. It has...

JUNO:A New Way To Diversify Your Portfolio

Mike Jenkins explains how Syndex Exchange brings together buyers and sellers. In New Zealand, there are thousands of interesting businesses, many of them operated by people of incredible talent,...

JUNO:How To Invest In The New Zealand Farming Industry

The government has set a goal of doubling primary industry exports to NZ$64 billion by 2025, so how can investors get a piece of the rural action? Sally Jones investigates. Farming has always been...

JUNO:How To Get Onto The Property Ladder (Without Buying)

Read the Juno article Kiwis love property. Commercial property can offer good yields and it’s a tangible asset that people can see and touch. But, for many New Zealanders looking to invest in...

New Zealand Herald:Ross Verry: How to keep decline at bay

There needs to be innovative thinking around investment structures for the agri sector, writes Ross Verry. There is no question that private business owners are getting older across all sectors...

idealog:Cents in sheep? Syndex's new diversified fund banks on big money in New Zealand agriculture

A new investment fund focused on New Zealand's agricultural sector is promising access to hundreds of millions in assets - and the folks behind it say it shows ag in Aotearoa offers plenty of...

Deal Street Asia:New Zealand’s Farm Venture launches $109m diversified agri fund

New Zealand farm property investment and operations management firm Farm Venture has launched a diversified agriculture fund which aims a total capital raise of NZ$150 million ($109 million),...

Scoop:Syndex announces first of its kind Diversified Agri Fund

Innovative investment platform Syndex today announced the listing of its first diversified agriculture fund. The “Natural Farm Food Limited Partnership” fund* (NFFLP) is being launched in...

Scoop:Syndex Announces Three Million Dollars Traded

Online trading platform Syndex has broken the three-million-dollar threshold of trades on its secondary market. Syndex is an independent online trading platform for proportionally-owned,...

Stuff:CDHB property syndicate units still available for investors

More than a year after it established the Oxford Victoria syndication scheme, Silverfin Capital has yet to sell down all the 634 units at $50,000 with some still held by underwriters. At the same...

NBR:Syndex eyes baby boomers as its path to growth

Trading platform Syndex has not seen much interest from equity crowdfunders, although property and agriculture syndicates are plugging the gap.

Interest.co.nz:Investors looking for enhanced returns from alternative assets need a market platform that can link buyers and sellers with transparency, providing the liquidity both need

"Alternative assets" are popular these days. These are investments that are not traded on public markets, nor bank term deposits, savings accounts, or managed funds. They do include financial...

Scoop:Syndex announces partnership with agritech firm

Online share exchange Syndex is supporting New Zealand agritech company Regen to undertake a major expansion. Syndex is an independent online trading platform for any proportionally owned asset for...

OECD iLibrary:Financing approaches for tourism SMEs and entrepreneurs

Access to financing is vital to promote entrepreneurship and SME development and build an innovative, competitive and sustainable tourism sector. This report examines mechanisms to improve access...

Interest.co.nz:Silverfin syndicate has features that should soothe some investor concerns about being able to cash up early and get their money out

Silverfin Capital's latest property syndicate has some features that should appeal to those investors who have concerns about their ability to cash up and exit such schemes. The Oxford Victoria...

Salesforce Blog:4 ways financial services companies can get closer to customers

Technology is disrupting the financial services industry; an industry once driven by paper and human interaction. Now financial services companies are dealing with digital interfaces and process...

Market Muse:Another Secondary Market To Trade Equity Crowdfund Deals

On the heels of an Oct 6 story at MarketsMuse about UK-based “Crowd2Fund.com”, now there’s another fintech entrant seeking to introduce secondary market trading of crowdfund deals. In a news...

Crowdfund Insider:Equitise Joins with Syndex to Create Secondary Market for Crowdfunded Securities

Equitise, operating in Australia and New Zealand, has partnered with Auckland-based Syndex to create a secondary market to trade crowdfunded securities. The “Trans-Tasman” market is said to deliver...

New Zealand Herald:New trading platform for part-owners

Investors who own shares in private companies or units in property, farm or forrestry syndicates could soon be able to trade them more easily through a new online exchange.

idealog:Investors get opportunity to trade crowdfunding shares with secondary market start-up, Syndex

If the proliferation of platforms is anything to go by, Kiwi crowdfunding is a very big deal, but up until now, it’s had a wee problem: no secondary market.

Investment News New Zealand:New NZ private asset trading platform targets global opportunities

Despite just launching in New Zealand, start-up online trading platform, Syndex, is already eyeing up offshore markets, according to company co-founder and managing director, Mike Jenkins.

Sustainable Business Network:Investing in food and farming

With a rise in calls for impact investment in sustainable food and farming, Julia Jackson and Emily Dowding-Smith explore the key issues driving the movement from both sides: the food system and...