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Inghams Portfolio Scheme

Commercial Property


*All information contained in the Scheme Information section is in the Product Disclosure Statement.

** Quarterly Reports (which provide investors with updates on the Scheme) are available from Silverfin Capital upon request. Please email alexandra@silverfin.nz

Total Share/Units
932 Units
Min Investment
1 Unit
Min Investment Value
NZD $50,000.00
Par Value
NZD $50,000.00
Quantity on Offer
1 Unit
Offer Price
NZD $69,500.00
Highest Bid
NZD $50,000.00
Active Bidders
Last Traded Price
NZD $60,000.00
Last Traded Quantity
1 Unit
Last Traded Date
October 14, 2022

*All information contained in the Scheme Information section is as at the Information Memorandum date.

** Quarterly Reports (which provide investors with updates on the Scheme) are available from Silverfin Capital upon request. Please email alexandra@silverfin.nz

The Inghams Portfolio Scheme is structured whereby investor funds are pooled with other investors’ funds and invested. Silverfin Capital Limited has invested this money in the six properties at 2 and 16 Banks Road and 7473-7481 State Highway 27, Matamata, 594-668 Waihekau Road, Waitoa, 111 Pohlen Road, Matamata, 207 Mowbray Road, Matamata, 25 Okauia Springs Road, Matamata and 903 Leslie Road, Tapapa (each a ‘Property’ and together the ‘Properties’) and takes fees. By investing in this scheme, you are relying on the investment decisions of Silverfin and returns from the assets that the scheme invests in. There is a risk that you may lose some or all of the money you invest.

Investors are currently receiving distributions of 8.50% per annum. The net asset value per unit as at 31 March 2023 is $63,111.


The sole tenant of the Properties is Inghams Enterprises (NZ) Pty Limited, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Australian company, Inghams Group Limited (ASX:ING). Inghams Group Limited are farmers, producers and distributors of poultry and stockfeed products across Australia and New Zealand and the largest integrated poultry producer in Australasia, processing over 4 million birds per week. Ingham’s have a workforce of 8,000 and a strong network of processing and distribution facilities across Australia and New Zealand.

Property & Locations

The portfolio consists of six strategically located properties within the Matamata and Waitoa region. All six properties lie within a 60km radius of each other which is a key feature of the portfolio and is integral to the operation of the successful poultry supply chain.

4 x Breeder Farms - The four properties have a site area of 115.2 ha and serve as breeder and raiser farms in the Inghams’ supply chain network, producing eggs that are delivered to the hatchery for incubation and hatching. Go to Documents to view an Investment Flyer. To express an interest in the investment and receive further information, hit the Register Interest button.

Hatchery - The 8.4 ha site at Banks Road serves as a hatchery in the Inghams supply chain network. The hatchery receives eggs from the breeder farms, incubates and hatches chicks for delivery to the contract broiler farms.

Processing Plant - The 62.5 ha site at 594-668 Waihekau Road, Waitoa serves as the processing plant in the Inghams’ supply chain network and includes a significant portion of vacant land (circa 31.9 ha out of the 62.5 ha) that is currently utilised for irrigation purposes and grazing.

The combination of the six properties presents a rare and hard to replicate portfolio. The locations are integrally linked and are close to each other, third party broiler farms and the Port of Tauranga. The complexity of the poultry supply chain network coupled with the resource consenting challenges in setting up a poultry farm, means that the Inghams portfolio of properties would be difficult to replicate elsewhere.

Breeder Farm

25 Okauia Springs Road, Matamata, 3471

Breeder Farm

207 Mowbray Road, Matamata

Breeder Farm

903 Leslie Road, Tapapa

Breeder farm

111 Pohlen Road, Matamata, 3471


7473 State Highway 27, Matamata 3473

Processing plant and irrigation land

594-668 Waihekau Road, Waitoa, 3380

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