An independent exchange for buyers and sellers of proportionally-owned assets to securely transact business

What does Syndex offer you?

Syndex is a powerful online exchange helping buyers and sellers tap into proportionally-owned assets.

It’s a peer-to-peer marketplace for the many groups of people who pool their financial resources to invest in assets that meet their common interests, such as shares in privately-owned companies or units in property issues.

Syndex lets investors easily buy and sell assets that were previously difficult to price and trade. It provides rich sources of information and a secure online environment for you to purchase, manage and trade your assets, letting you cash up at a market price and time that suits you.

By offering new investment opportunities on Syndex, companies can tap into the growing demand for alternative investment assets. Syndex provides you with access to new investment communities, stimulates trades in secondary markets and delivers a full suite of management tools to create, manage and market your offers.

How does Syndex work?

It’s really simple: investors connect with each other via the exchange.

syndex investor
The issue or company must be registered on the exchange for assets to be listed for sale, and provide the minimum required investor information. Syndex ensures that the ownership of the issue or company assets can be reliably managed and controlled and that issuer or company rules are followed throughout the trade.

There are many investment opportunities out there

So why join Syndex?

By joining Syndex, you get greater levels of transparency about the assets you hold, while eliminating many of the downsides of proportional ownership.

Liquidity for easy entry and exitAccess to a wider choice of investment opportunities, with a secondary market that ensures you can easily cash up at a time that suits you, at a price that reflects current market rates.

Communities of like-minded people Collaborate, share information and trade assets with investors that share your interests, and take advantage of our full suite of tools to connect with your peers and service providers in real time.

Convenience of completing identification process just onceReduce time and effort by completing the ‘Know Your Client’ identification process online. You are then free to trade any exchange assets without having to repeat the process.

Visibility and transparency Trade with confidence using price discovery and real time flows of information, including access to the latest news and reports on asset performance. Compare the performance of all your investments on the one platform, at any time and any place.

Secure and trusted Peace of mind knowing that counterparties comply with ‘Know your Client’ processes.

Speed and reliability Settlement processes ensure that trading and settlement is fast, fair, reliable and available 24x7 anywhere, on any device. Our market alerts ensure you are always up-to-date with relevant market activity.

Tap into growing investor demand for alternative investment opportunities and access our full suite of tools to create, manage and communicate your offers.

Liquidity Easy access to secondary markets for your investors increases their opportunities to buy and sell assets, improving the attractiveness of proportionally-owned investments and extending your reach.

More informed decisions Insights and analysis help you make better and more informed decisions about your current and future offers. Combine this with real-time collaboration to gain even greater visibility and, ultimately, increase sales.

Secure and trusted Peace of mind knowing that counterparties comply with ‘Know your Client’ processes.

Speed and reliability Fast, fair, orderly and transparent settlements, plus real-time alerts that let you send information to investors to ensure you meet your legislative and regulatory obligations.

Streamlined communications Streamline your communications and deliver real-time flows of financial information to give investors greater visibility and control over their investments.

Independent Syndex operates an independent trading platform and doesnt create or offer any investment products. It works collaboratively with issuers, issuers and companies for the benefit of investors.