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If you are needing more automation and efficiencies in your registry management let us show you around the Syndex platform. Our team are more than happy to present a tailored demonstration to suit your specific needs.

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Infrastructure for enhanced private market investing.

Our platform simplifies shareholder relationship management and enables easy transacting for any proportionally-owned asset, in sectors such as horticulture, technology, commercial property and agriculture, as well as private equity and crowdfunding opportunities.

Accelerate growth with our funding and liquidity solutions.

Our suite of dynamic capital and liquidity solutions has the flexibility to suit all stakeholders - investors, issuers and shareholders. Options range from continuous, peer-to-peer trading on the secondary market to real-time periodic trading. We can talk you through the best option for your business, but consistent with all our infrastructure is that we give you the tools, so you retain control and independence. See here for more info on our liquidity solutions.

The business growth journey requires capital raising, registry management and investor relations.

Take the hassle out of investment administration; retain control and scale-up with confidence.

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Full-service support of multiple shareholders, syndication or property unit businesses:  CRM,  regulatory, communications and centralised documentation storage.

streamlined ADMINISTRATION and control

Reduction of overheads on timely and repetitive tasks.  A powerful Salesforce back-end means security and scaleablity.

data-led insights

The central view allows data to be gathered consistently - interest, bids, pricing. Centralised reporting means that analytics grow over time and in time for your business decisions.


“There’s a growing trend towards diversified portfolios and greater weighting toward real assets – reducing risk and decoupling returns from traditional markets.”

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Fund management needs efficient reporting

The eco-system:

Registry management, plus regulatory support, customer relationship management, centralised documentation management, analytics, bid management and reporting.

Investor portal, where it's easy to access & gather information on investments held (financial and operational, trading history) and to support new investment decisions.

Marketplace, for Issuers to raise capital and investors to trade or access new opportunities, including a direct-trading secondary market that offers liquidity.

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We are focused on supporting syndications, privately-owned business and cooperative models by providing a secure and efficient platform that creates an ecosystem for the private market and management of information that the shareholders within it require.


The time-saving is significant. We've reduced administration by at least 50% in a number of organisational areas. The platform is attractive to us, and investors; they have more control over their portfolio and investment decisions, plus they're reassured by the enhanced liquidity.

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