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What security measures are taken to protect the Syndex platform?

How do I reset my password?

What is a retail investor?

What is a wholesale investor?

How do I become a wholesale investor?

What is proportional ownership?

How does Syndex help investors?

What alternative markets participate in Syndex?

What is ‘AML’ and how does it affect me?

How do I register to invest via Syndex?

What's an IM? What is an offer document?

What fees will I incur when I invest?

How do I locate trade history in my investor portal?

Do I need any software to access Syndex?

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How do I trade on the secondary market?

How do I invest via the primary market?

How do I invest via the investment opportunities market?

How can I raise capital?

How does Syndex help issuers?

What's the onboarding process?

What does this service cost?

Can we get a free demo of your system, without the pushy, hard sell sales follow-up that goes hand in hand with a lot of software providers?

Does Syndex cater to small businesses as well as medium and large organisations?

How does Syndex differ from other service providers?