We are here to fire up the private market.

We are the engine for a fair and transparent private market.

Our passion and belief in bringing a fairer, more transparent private market to the world has never faltered.

Now, as a growth company, we are embracing the momentum that is allowing us to really show the world what Syndex is all about.

We’re harnessing the power of technology to create flexible, future-forward private markets.

In today’s digital realm we find ourselves circling back to the coffee shops of 17th century London where the financial markets began. New opportunities are heralded in via technology that’s driving the ever-growing trend towards decentralised finance or DeFi. Our technology is premised on the DeFi concepts and as a provider of private capital market infrastructure.

We’re striving to empower Issuers with the ability to operate their own capital markets.

At the heart of our designs and development is the desire to put the power into our partner’s hands, so they can run their own distribution reports, form great relationships with clients and see trades at a fair price.