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Employee portal

A one-stop-shop for all their share information, communications and access to liquidity.

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Management platform

An independent, easy to use platform that enables you to send bulk emails, define and run trading events, manage dividends and many other registry functions.

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Offers flexibility in your plans with the addition of liquidity. We use either the periodic or continuous market functionality to enable your ESOP trading.

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A sophisticated global ESOP/employee share scheme solution for sophisticated enterprises.

We greatly value employee share schemes. We know they help attract talent, increase employee 'skin in the game’ and improve employee engagement. Often this great and noble idea starts off well; staff and management commend it and the admin is manageable. Until the admin isn’t manageable.

Over time the plan gains complexities such as loan schemes, lock-in schemes and optional bonus-to-shares. The plan turns into an administration-heavy, time-sucking burden that takes you away from business priorities.

With Syndex you can scale up your ESOP/ESS with confidence and keep your admin at a minimum.

More than merely record-keeping, our platform offers the ability to trade, transact, pay dividends, maximise privacy… all in one place.

Our switch to Syndex for our employee share programme is a switch from manual admin-heavy auctions to automated events, with trading in real-time. It’s been a step-change in the level of transparency it provides our employees and we’ve been able to invite a wider pool of employees into the event.

Strike a competitive edge with your employee benefit package and increase employee engagement.

Start an ESOP/employee share scheme or transfer your existing plan to Syndex. We use either the periodic or continuous market functionality to enable your ESOP/ESS trading.

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