Trade, transact and manage your investments with confidence and ease, in a fair, efficient and transparent market.

Syndex provides you with a marketplace to find investment opportunities in private market assets, such as commercial property, agriculture, horticulture and technology.

Online registering is simple and easy.

You'll need to provide some personal details and information from your passport or driver’s license that enables us to do some background checks so we can meet our obligations under the anti-money laundering legislation - accounts are generally confirmed within 24 hours. If you are a non-resident of New Zealand there are some additional requirements.

Registration is required once, as opposed to every transaction, saving you time and paperwork.

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All of your private investments in one place.  A centralised view with easy document storage, communications and access to markets 24/7.

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Be alerted to investments as they come to market and trade on the secondary market as you need.


Our markets bring you interesting assets, as well as transparency, liquidity and price discovery.

bringing transparency and trust to investors

We offer greater visibility, price discovery and real-time access to the most current information about your investments

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The markets

The primary market is for new issues being offered to the market, or for existing issues that have issued new units or shares.

The secondary market presents offers from investors that have currently invested in issues listed on Syndex.

The Investment opportunities market is for issuers who are offering an opportunity to invest in a new offer, units or shares of which are yet to be issued.

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There’s a ripple effect in connecting investors to issuers: a single capital raise could create jobs, contribute to social causes, launch cleaner-greener technology, see NZ shine on the world stage…


Having everything I need in one place has meant I'm more active and interested in my investments. I haven't seen such a spread of alternative investment offers anywhere else. My portfolio is definitely full of interesting assets thanks to Syndex!


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