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Syndex is an ideal solution for growing businesses in need of professionalising their operations, shareholder communications and reporting management systems.

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Don’t let Admin Slow Your Business Innovation and Growth

We champion private businesses and support them to be the best they can be. We offer an easy-to-use software solution that allows you to retain control of your relationships, rather than handing them over to a third-party provider.

Let Syndex guide you through the three stages of business growth

Starting your business

First phase business growth

Professionalising your business

Mature & listed company stewardship

Capital Raising

Connecting businesses with investors is a big part of what we do.

We know that there are many businesses out there with the skill and capability to grow our economy, but accessing capital is hard and can halt growth. We also know of great businesses where the owners are looking to transition ownership to new owners or investors. Make your capital goals happen with Syndex.

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Present and promote your share proposal to a database of interested investors.

Display your listing on the Primary Market or Investment Opportunities Market.

Join us in a fair,
efficient and

Grow with good governance, compliance and error-free registry administration

Share Registry Management

Solutions for registry administration and investor relations

Old legacy manual systems are replaced with automated operations that bring efficiencies and ease of scalability. The management toolbox has solutions for compliance, governance, corporate actions, investor engagement and registry administration.

Join our SaaS platform for regulatory support, centralised documentation management, reporting and direct communication with investors.

Investor relations and communication system

Share registry management

Investor portal (see more)

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Accelerate growth with our liquidity solutions through markets and ESOPs.

Illiquidity is no longer a barrier for the private markets. For your investors now is the time to add liquidity to your offering, whether it is to attract investors, open up your registry to additional investors or give your investors exit options.

The Continuous Market is continuously available with no specific timeframe giving investors access to trade their assets anytime, anywhere.

The Periodic Market is available at set times during the year, with the frequency and scheduled availability set by the Issuer.

Secondary market trading
Syndex Periodic Market logoSyndex Continuous Market Logo

Strike a competitive edge with your employee benefit package and increase employee engagement. Start an employee share scheme or transfer your existing plan to Syndex. We use either the periodic or continuous market functionality to enable your ESOP trading.

ESOP trading
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Case Study

Professionalising Craigmore's investor relations

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Syndex aids proficient & professional investor relations

Case Study

MyFarm scales up for a record year

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MyFarm scale up using the Syndex platform, gaining efficiencies through streamlined tech.

Case Study

DFMC hits gold with a registry fit for co-ops

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Syndex's SaaS solution helped DFMC modernize their co-op registry and reduce manual admin by 20%. They gained data control, security, and simplified dividend distribution.

Case Study

Automated reporting brings Silverfin efficiencies

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Solutions to put your investors first.

Case Study

Key-man risk drives Yenda to seek a secure digital registry

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Australian cooperative registry and management, member relations and communication, scale up with easy, secure data, investment infrastructure

Case Study

Efficient member m'ment aligns with NZPM's co-op principles

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Capital for co-operatives, growth capital, co-operative model, co-operative principles, member growth

Case Study

Fact file: Onboarding

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The registry management module is the biggest component and the prerequisite to having the investor portal and access to markets. Our onboarding process aims to move through a number of roll-out phases ending with our partner being confident and comfortable with using the platform.

Case Study

Hobson Wealth unlocks employee liquidity

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Hobson Wealth found its solution in the Syndex periodic market. The closed trading event invites all shareholders to attend and engage in buying and selling their company shares in a fully transparent and fair setting. Price discovery is achieved through the carefully-tuned algorithm.

Case Study

Silverfin investors make quick secondary market trades

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Secondary market, liquid investments, competitive advantage, attract investors


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