July 20, 2020

Silverfin investors make quick secondary market trades

Silverfin investors take full advantage of the Syndex Secondary Market, making quick trades in an independent and transparent online environment.


Silverfin specialise in property syndication and management. Its schemes are structured to provide investors with a cash return from commercial and industrial real estate, without the burdens of private property ownership. Silverfin pride themselves on an 'investor first' culture and have set a new standard in the property investment industry by enhancing solid investment strategy with a truly personable approach.

Silverfin was started in 2016 by Cheryl Macaulay, an expert in property syndications. With all her experience Cheryl saw the secondary market as the largest barrier to investing in the private markets. Offering investors a secondary market that had limited liquidity with potential conflicts of interest was not aligned to the ‘investor first’ ethos, thus Syndex was signed as a partner from the beginning. 

The Syndex Secondary Market - transparency and independence.

Silverfin, in utilising the Syndex secondary market, offer their customers liquidity, in a process that they can control and that is independent of the Issuers. This enhancement to private investing better serves everyone involved and speaks to their customer-centric views.  Their investors have found the market easy to use, with online trading that is straightforward and easily self-managed. 

“The investor is getting a better experience, with easy-to-use online trading, with full price history,” says Julian Koppens, CFO Silverfin.

In committing themselves to a high level of transparency and disclosure (requirements of the Syndex platform) Silverfin has enabled investors to make informed decisions about the quality, price and performance of the investment on offer. 

“Choosing Syndex gave us the independent tool that we needed to ensure our investors got the transparency and price discovery they require."

Silverfin investors have benefited from many favourable trades that have completed quickly and efficiently. In a nine-month period (June 19 - Feb 20) 64% of fulfilled trades were accepted within 3 days. Although the market depends on the right buyers and sellers, and no sale can be guaranteed, it's clear that given a fair and trusted tool, investors see quality offers from a credible source and act quickly.

Silverfin know that their investors appreciate the platform, but for them administratively it is also a success. The automated system has allowed Silverfin to step back from secondary transactions and enables investors to trade peer-to-peer. 

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