Making interesting assets investible

An online platform for the private capital markets, enabling investing, divesting and capital raising in fractionally owned structures.

Syndex Overview

Since 2015 we've been connecting investors to private businesses and bringing digital efficiencies to share management.


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Enhancing private market investing

The Syndex eco-system brings together the essential players of the private market; issuers, syndicators, private companies, intermediaries, co-operatives and investors.

Why Choose Syndex?

Interesting Investment Opportunities

Find, buy, manage and sell interesting assets in sectors such as horticulture, technology, commercial property and private equity.

Capital Raising and Liquidity

Launch your capital raise with Syndex and reach our 3,000+ investor-ready community. Secondary market options ranging from continuous peer-to-peer trading to real-time periodic trading, inc ESOPs.

Investor Relations

Step 1 raise capital, step 2 manage your new investors. Strengthen these relations with the Syndex tools and let quality communications flow.

Private Market Investment Infrastructure

Compliance, communications, centralised documentation storage, reporting and analytics. Professionalise your business and gain peace of mind.

Power in Your Hands

We’ve developed a platform that lets you retain control. We give you the tools to operate your own private market.

View Markets

We Bring Knowledge and a Deep Understanding of Private Markets

This ensures we deliver infrastructure that promotes and enhances transparency, liquidity, independence and price discovery.

Our Team

We’re also sharing our knowledge, views and ideas on the ever changing private markets. Join us for regular updates of news, blogs and learnings.


ESOP administration: The pricing is good; it’s good value. It gets hard work done and as the scheme grows the admin won’t.

Mike Ellis, CFO, Hobson Wealth

Our Partners

My Farm Investments partner of Syndex
My Farm Investments partner of Syndex
My Farm Investments partner of Syndex
My Farm Investments partner of Syndex
My Farm Investments partner of Syndex

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