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Syndex provides you with a secure and trusted environment where you’re able to directly trade with other registered investors or use the services of a broker or intermediary of your choice to trade on your behalf. In order to trade you must be a registered Syndex Account Holder.

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What is Syndex?

Syndex is New Zealand’s first online exchange for proportionally-owned assets — a marketplace for individuals who invest directly in alternative investments held in proportional ownership structures. Syndex’s mission is to use digital technologies to deliver private market infrastructure that promotes and enhances transparency, liquidity, independence and price discovery. Syndex is accessible via any standard browser on any device and provides a range of services that enable investors to manage their investments and trade on the Primary and peer-to-peer Secondary Market, and explore offers on the Investment Opportunities Market.

Three key modules work in unison:

1. The Issue Manager Module: This module provides for the end-to-end management of Issues, typically being limited partnerships or company structures. It includes ownership registry, investor management and communication, document management and dissemination, and events management. It also provides electronic identity verification to support Anti-Money Laundering obligations and investor certification to ensure that Issues are appropriately presented to qualifying investors only.

2. The Investor Portal Module: This module provides the investor with a suite of portfolio management tools and services, including valuations, messaging, communications and access to Issue documentation.

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3. The Exchange Module: This module enables investors to manage their investments and trade on the Primary and peer-to-peer Secondary Market, and explore offers on the Investment Opportunities Market, with the management of the settlement process being facilitated by the Platform.

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There are many investment opportunities out there

So why join Syndex?

By joining Syndex, you get greater levels of transparency about the assets you hold, while eliminating many of the downsides of proportional ownership.

Liquidity for easy entry and exit
Access to a wider choice of investment opportunities, with a secondary market that ensures you can easily cash up at a time that suits you, at a price that reflects current market rates.

Communities of like-minded people
Collaborate, share information and trade assets with investors that share your interests, and take advantage of our full suite of tools to connect with your peers and service providers in real time.

Convenience of completing identification process just once
Reduce time and effort by completing the Anti-Money Laundering / ‘Know Your Client’ identification process online. You are then free to trade any exchange assets without having to repeat the process.

Visibility and transparency
Trade with confidence using access to the latest news and reports on asset performance. Compare the performance of all your investments on one platform, at any time and in any place.

Secure and trusted
All market participants have to be registered on Syndex before they can trade. This means that everyone has completed the Anti-Money Laundering/‘Know your Client’ processes and this fact serves to create a secure and trusted trading environment.

Speed and reliability
Settlement processes ensure that trading and settlement is fast, fair, reliable and available 24x7 anywhere, on any device. Our market alerts ensure that you are always up-to-date with relevant market activity.

Everything you need to manage your investments

Signup at no cost
$60 (incl GST) annual subscription due when you make your first trade*.

* The price as stipulated is payable in New Zealand dollars, in advance and is not refundable. For more information please refer to the Account Holder Rules. Note that the Investor Pricing as quoted represents the fees payable to Syndex for the use of My.Syndex.Exchange and exclude any fees that may be levied separately by the Issue(s) invested in.

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