Boosting Investor Relations

We've created a branded environment - leading with your logo and primary brand colour presents continuity in your offering and gives you independence.

We put you in control of your customers, within a low-touch self-managing model.

Smart-tech provides investors with a better understanding of their assets. With so much they can do online your empowered investors are doing the work - not you!

Online and easy - empowering your investors to self-serve

Investors can view their investment portfolio from 'at-a-glance' asset balances to more detailed files, statements and trade history. A centralised view of their portfolio, plus document storage and communications, and with access to markets 24/7, your investors have the information they need at their fingertips.

Empowering your investors to self-manage reduces your administrative input.

Investors can: 

Act on notices to update information, such as renewing certificates. AML and wholesale certification for individuals and entities can be completed online.
Input all the necessary information and documents to get their account - or their trust or company account - up and running in record time.
Review their latest messages, recent transactions and apply for your latest offers.

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