The Secondary Market presents offers from investors that are currently invested in Issues listed on Syndex.

Issuers who list their Issues on Syndex are required to make disclosure information available for the purposes of trading on the Secondary Market. The disclosure information is provided to the market to support the decision making process for trading purposes and typically includes quarterly reports, product disclosure statements and trading history.

The Primary Market is for new Issues that are being offered to the market by Issuers, or for existing Issues that have issued new units or shares.

Issuers are required to provide disclosure information in the form of an Information Memorandum or Product Disclosure Statement, and any other documents that will support the decision making process in terms of acquiring units or shares in the Issue.

As a registered Account Holder, you are able to use a simple, digital process to apply for the units or shares on offer without needing to complete either the Anti-Money Laundering or investor certification processes.

The Investment Opportunities Market if for Issuers who are offering you an opportunity to invest in a new offer, the unit or shares of which are yet to be issued.

These offers could range from a simple gauging of investor interest in an intended investment initiative, through to subscribing for an allocation of units or shares in a capital raising initiative.

The underlying process for this market would be an expression of interest participate or acquire a quantum of units or shares in the Issue. The expression of interest process is typically coordinate via a professional intermediary working on behalf or in conjunction with the offering Issuer.

Proportional ownership is the concept of people pooling their financial resources and expertise to make an investment or acquire an asset for mutual benefit.

Proportional ownership schemes have been formed to invest in anything and everything ranging from real estate and aircrafts, to horses, boats, forestry, patents and, of course, start-ups or early stage companies.

Crowdfunding is another form of proportional ownership that is growing rapidly around the world and operates by many people (the crowd) contributing relatively small amounts of money to support a business or project.

Equity crowdfunding is one of the three main categories of crowdfunding, and is designed to raise growth funds for businesses. Once they’ve invested, investors typically hold a share of the company.

The other categories are Rewards and Debt crowdfunding.

Here at Syndex we refer to all the different types of proportional ownership schemes simply as “Issues” as this term fully encompasses the wide variety of investment structures across the Primary, Secondary and Investment Opportunities Markets.

Syndex is designed to host the significant number of proportionately owned and alternative investment opportunities that are not available via mainstream or more traditional investment managers.

Traditionally, these common-interest markets have been fragmented, difficult and time-consuming to access and participate in, and often come with a lack of transparency, liquidity and price discovery.

New digital technologies, such as Syndex’s online markets, are dramatically changing this investment sector by enabling easy online access to alternative, private markets.

Syndex is continually sourcing new opportunities from a range of Issuers to provide you with a wide choice of investment options spanning commercial real estate, agriculture, forestry and private equity.

Syndex is a marketplace where organisations and individuals investing in or offering proportionally-owned assets can access the infrastructure and tools that enable them to easily communicate, manage and trade their assets.

The benefits for investors include:

  • Liquidity for easy entry and exit: Access to a wider choice of investment opportunities, with a secondary market that ensures you can easily cash up at a time that suits you.
  • More informed decisions: Trade with confidence using price discovery and access to the Issue’s latest news, as well as rich reports on portfolio and asset performance. Our market alerts ensure you are always up-to-date with relevant market activity.
  • Convenience of completing identification process just once: Reduce time and effort by completing the ‘Know Your Client’ identification process online. You are then free to trade any exchange assets without having to repeat the process.
  • Secure and trusted: Peace of mind knowing that counterparties comply with ‘Know your Client’ (Anti-Money Laundering) processes.
  • Speed and reliability: Settlement processes ensure that trading and settlement is fast, fair, reliable and available 24x7 anywhere, on any device.
  • Communities of like-minded people: Collaborate, share information and trade assets with investors that share your interests, and take advantage of our full suite of social tools to connect with your peers and service providers in real time.

Syndex’s only role is to provide a common, go-to place for investors that have an interest in investing and trading in proportionally-owned assets. Syndex doesn’t create or offer any kind of investment product to the market and is totally committed to working collaboratively with Issuer’s to the benefit of investors.

The benefits for Issuers include:

  • Liquidity: Easy access to secondary markets for your investors increases their opportunities to sell their assets, improving the attractiveness of proportionally-owned investments.
  • More informed decisions: Insights and analysis support more informed decisions about your current and future offers. Combine this with client collaboration to gain even greater insights and, ultimately, increase sales.
  • Secure and trusted: Peace of mind knowing that counterparties comply with ‘Know your Client’ (Anti-Money Laundering) processes.
  • Speed and reliability: Fast, fair, orderly and transparent settlements, plus alerts that let you send information to investors to ensure you meet your legislative and regulatory obligations.
  • Extend your reach: Tap into Syndex’s communities of like-minded investors to extend your access to and communication with prospects and investors.

With an online exchange like Syndex, you do not need to download or install any software or applications. Syndex is hosted in the cloud and is accessible on any device, anywhere you have an internet or wireless connection. You simply login and make your offers or bids anytime, anywhere.