April 30, 2023

How are we different from our competitors?

Syndex offers a full-SAAS platform that offers a digital investment management platform delivering liquidity solution options, registry management, reporting associated functions and investor relations management.


We work with Australian and NZ co-operatives to revolutionise analog-style processes and procedures to a digitised and cloud-based secure member management platform. We are recognised in Australia as the leading technology provider in the sector, with our formal partnership with the key Australian body for co-operatives, BCCM. Why is this important? Co-operatives and mutuals need a robust registry system not only to comply with legal requirements of the Co-operatives National Law or Corporations Act but also to maintain clear communications with members and ensure they are ready to raise and manage new capital from members and other investors.

Read more - BCCM X Syndex


Built on a cloud-based and globally certified cyber secure tech stack, used by many of the world's largest organisations and most sensitive data collators. A source of confidence for Boards and directors, in a time of increasing and hugely costly cyber hacks and personal liability.


Bespoke capital raising and corporate advisory, using our private networks to raise both equity and debt where appropriate - connecting high net worth and wholesale investors to alternative assets. Allowing you to scale up your business or co-operative at the right time and in the most equitable way for existing shareholders or members.


Access to the Syndex weekly newsletter which reaches over 3,000 wholesale and family office investors, providing a potential mechanism for you to raise awareness of your business and/or attract capital.


Offering a secondary market platform which provides fully digitised liquidity solutions for your cap table or ESOP, providing a fair and transparent entry and exit to new or existing investors, aiding in both attracting and retaining investors or talent.  


A full suite of technical and financial market professionals across Australia and NZ to work with you and your business.


Access to all the advantages that come with Rent versus Build. For example, in gaining all of the latest technology advancements, efficiencies and learnings as they happen, versus when your company or co-operative upgrade legacy in-house technology in both a costly and time exhaustive project.


There every step of the journey.

In summary, if you are a business, co-operative, fund manager or operator in the private sector Syndex can be your partner from the first raise, professionalisation and digitisation, second or third raise, liquidity events - through to an IPO.

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