October 25, 2020

In Safe & Secure Salesforce Hands

Syndex is powered by Salesforce.com - the only Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that fell under consideration as Syndex came to life.

Salesforce is a global company serving over 150,000 businesses. Ubiquitous amongst the financial institutions this is a PaaS offering that operates to a high level of scrutiny, security and compliance. As a service it relies on the trust of its users and is therefore impelled to drive reliability, accuracy and accountability. We too rely on trust from our customers, so choosing a PaaS offering that takes data security seriously was a fundamental prerequisite. Salesforce’s utilisation of advanced technology and processes to ensure the security of sensitive data and their extremely industrial approach to the management of their data facilities scattered across the globe is crucial to our operations.

To read more about the platform credentials and the relevant compliance certifications click here.

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Mike Jenkins

Mike Jenkins is the founder, COO and shareholder of Syndex. The views expressed above are purely his own.

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