April 2, 2019

SME businesses are a big deal to NZ – how can we help?

“Small businesses are a big deal in New Zealand,” says Tenby Powell, director of Hunter Powell Investment Partners and founder of the NZ SME Business Network. “Our small business ecosystem has the power to create massive value for the New Zealand economy.”

If the present GDP contribution from SMEs could be lifted from its current 28% to 35%, that would represent a $15 billion boost to the economy, according to Powell. Creating more businesses of international quality would have far-reaching positive effects, not only economic but also on society.

“An exchange that allows small and medium businesses to raise capital and provides transparency for buyers and sellers would help drive this growth,” Powell says. “As well as providing the kind of interesting investments that make for great conversations and positive stories about New Zealand.”

Syndex is an investment platform for syndication or equity partnerships ie anything that takes on shareholders. It offers a community of investors looking for interesting opportunities in New Zealand private businesses. But just as importantly it supports shareholders and issuers with a place for reporting and documentation, management of regulatory requirements and analytics which grow in information as reporting does. By doing this it offers a place where these businesses might seek a capital raise or investor interest; taking on shareholders to carry out expansion plans.

These shareholders may even provide much-needed skills to support this innovation and growth.

It a great solution for SME’s to grow to ME’s, by raising capital and sell shareholdings; this re-organised structure with multiple shareholders will offer access to more types of investors – passive, skills-based, but also break it down into an investable financial number for many. These are great successful business and many of them have grown to a point that they are not in the price league of many, says MD Ross Verry, therefore it opens up more opportunities.

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Ross Verry

Ross Verry is CEO of Syndex and a shareholder. The views expressed above are purely his own. Please assess and research all your investment.

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