May 23, 2019

Syndex welcomes angel fund to its diverse private market

Syndex, the online private market investment management platform, welcomes an angel fund investment opportunity, continuing its influence in yet another dimension of the private economy.

EA Fund 3 is the third angel fund launched via Tauranga-based Enterprise Angels (EA), a membership-based network focused on the thriving startup/high growth sector. The fund is strongly engineered in an effort to mitigate risks: firstly the portfolio is diverse with a minimum of 15 well-prepared innovative startups, secondly there’s solid governance of the fund by a board of experienced business people who are EA members.

The benefit of these funds, and EA Fund 3 in particular, is that they add diversification to an investor’s current portfolio, plus it’s a low-touch asset and an easy entry point for interested investors, experienced or new, who might lack time or the desire to get into due diligence of singular investments, particularly in this sector.

“We are pleased to offer our third fund to a new community of investors via Syndex, a community we hope to connect with more frequently in the future,” said Nina Le Lievre, Enterprise Angels Manager. “EA Fund 3 offers a sound way to mitigate this risk as much as possible with well-vetted deals and a diverse portfolio for all investors.”

This launches a new partnership that sees EA explore the advantages of the Syndex platform including issue management, the investor portal and the listing of opportunities.

“It’s great to have Enterprise Angels on board. This fund provides investors with a measured and collaborative means of investing in early-stage companies,” said Mike Jenkins, Syndex Founder. “This is a great opportunity to explore this high-risk asset class.”

Syndex list private market offers in a multitude of asset classes; commercial property, agriculture, venture capital and now, angel investing.

“We offer a wider investor audience than EA’s own membership. Exposing a new asset class to our community is a move we truly welcome,” said Jenkins.

Angel investing is becoming a flourishing asset class in New Zealand. Young company investments (angel and venture capital) have steadily increased from $30m in 2008 to over $100m in 2018.

“As the asset class matures, and to ensure the continued growth, it needs good infrastructure and rigour in the management of its investments. This is the beginning. Syndex is ready to see this sector excel,” said Jenkins.

The Syndex offering is an important step for the market, allowing a secondary market for these investors. This self-serve function allows for peer-to-peer communication, bidding and selling of their portion of investment as and when they like, based on market demand.

Additional benefits to Syndex investors are the storage of all documentation, improved communication, growing analytics of trading to build transparency, as well as a streamlined regulatory requirement fulfillment.

EA Fund 3 is now closed. Navigate to the Markets page to see current opportunities.

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Mike Jenkins

Mike Jenkins is the founder, COO and shareholder of Syndex. The views expressed above are purely his own.

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