Realigning your investment strategy for 2019

As cliché as it may sound this is the time of year for reflection. Many of us have embarked on our annual summer holiday, a time when we down-tools and take stock. Rest, relax, recharge and reflect. Reflection is a powerful process because it makes us step back from our myopic, everyday hectic schedules. We get the chance to see the bigger picture and broader perspective. Personal, professional and financial goals are revisited and realigned and we start the year motivated to set off once again and continue our journey. New Year reminds us that the Earth has lapped the Sun once again, that we are a little bit older and (hopefully) a little bit smarter.

Will those extra ‘smarts’ lead you to Syndex? We’ve put our ‘smarts’ into an online platform that allows for easy investing in alternative, real assets, whatever your scenario… Are you looking to bring change in your business? To grow or diversify? Are you wanting to exit your business? Are you wanting to slowly transition out of the business? Are you a city dweller nostalgic for your country roots? Want a slice of an NZ farm? Do you have expertise that you could offer an agri- business? Do you want to invest in a commercial property syndicate or a different asset class?

At Syndex we are able to witness the businesses raising capital to enable ongoing growth, research and development, diversification and increased productivity. We’ve seen senior members of family businesses exit their companies, without forgoing a loss of control or family values. We’ve met the city dweller taking his family back to the countryside to visit his farm investment. In an environment where there are no shortage of reports and statistics that questions NZ’s ability to meet global product demand, notably in dairy and horticulture. We see the people of NZ who are part of the upturn of a healthy growing economy. These are the people meeting the demand in dairy, cherries, kiwifruit, wine and avocados; the people bringing innovative solutions in the agri-tech space and the people sharing their knowledge, expertise and ‘smarts’ in agri-business.

Regardless of which question you are seeking to answer, investors have the same need for transparency, accessibility and reliability. Syndex provides this by supporting your investment portfolio and the lifecycle of its investments. Following a quick registration you are ready to trade among a variety of proportionally owned assets, including property syndication, farm investments and crowdfunds. The service continues with regular reporting, updates on company information and document management, all within a secure and trusted site. The private equity capital markets have become so much more investable with Syndex.

Wherever you spent your summer break relaxing, we hope that in 2019 your path will bring you to Syndex. We can spend the next lap around the sun getting a little older and (hopefully) a lot smarter together.

Syndex market place can be found here.

Ross Verry

Ross Verry is CEO of Syndex and a shareholder. The views expressed above are purely his own. Please assess and research all your investment.