Newsletter Feb 2019 - The Superior Cherries of Central Otago

In Chinese culture, sweet cherries are highly appreciated as gifts, being associated with good fortune, prosperity, respect and affection for loved ones. This, coupled with a rise in China’s middle class, is creating a demand that multiple countries are scrambling to fill. New Zealand will never be able to compete with the quantities produced by countries such as Chile, but it can, and does, outperform on quality. Our country has the fortuitous combination of great soil, an ideal climate and proven orchard expertise. New Zealand is proud to produce and export a superior, larger, sweet red fruit that the Chinese adore.

We are pleased to announce two cherry offers to our marketplace in partnership with Hortinvest: Mt Pisa and Lindis River Limited Partnerships. Click here to see why these two cherry offers stand out.

Ross Verry

Ross Verry is CEO of Syndex and a shareholder. The views expressed above are purely his own. Please assess and research all your investment.