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Transaction Size
NZD $283,000.00
Share Price
NZD $5.66
Minimum Investment
NZD $50,000.00
Issue Type
Early Stage Capital

The opportunity exists for wholesale investors to express interrest in investment in Cropsy Technologies.

Cropsy Technologies is developing a solution that allows high-value enterprise fruit growers to monitor every plant in their crop at scale, starting with vineyards (video). Cropsy’s proprietary AI-enable hardware is a tractor add-on, which profiles every vine all year round while growers do their daily operations. This creates a true digital twin of the crop, which growers can view on Cropsy’s software platform, to understand the entire crop and how it changes over time.

Current methods to measure the state of vineyards and orchards are completely manual, where a handful of workers are tasked with measuring thousands of hectares. In fact, less than 1% of a vineyard is actually measured. Important and costly crop care decisions are based on this tiny, infrequently checked sample.

Each Cropsy system profiles thousands of vines per day, and millions of vines in total to date. These insights enable growers to make the best possible vineyard management decisions, from targeting crop protection products with precise disease location information in the summer, to finding missing/dead/dying vines for re-planting in the winter, and everything in between. Cropsy’s mission is to empower growers with this ground-breaking technology to transform how the world grows fruit for people and planet.


Cropsy has won marquee industry clients including winemakers such as Pernod Ricard, Indevin, and Cloudy Bay.

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Pacific Channel is an early-stage investment and development firm focused on building successful deep-tech ventures from New Zealand. Pacific Channel's specialist capital pathway, hands-on approach and ability to leverage a proven eco-system of support gives their portfolio companies the resources, expertise and networks necessary to accelerate growth and navigate the complex commercialisation pathway required to achieve success in international markets.

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